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Photo courtesy of Jeannie Lewis From left to right, San Marcos Unitarian Universalist members Jeanne Garthwaite attaches SMUUF labels to flagpoles, while Jeannie Lewis, Sarah Wren, Gil Fulmer and Gaynell Pilcher attach rainbow flags to the flagpoles. Nicole Marie, who helped cut out the flags, is not pictured. Walt Pilcher is removing price labels from the flagpoles. For more information on the Pride Parade or SMUUF, visit or contact Jeannie Lewis at or (512) 353-2872. (Jeannie Lewis)

Gay Pride Parade 2015

Seven San Marcos Unitarian Universalist Fellowship members and friends met recently to create 85 handmade rainbow flags to wave as they march or ride on their float in the upcoming Gay Pride Parade.
Churches, businesses, organizations, groups and individuals are invited to participate in the parade, which SMUUF is organizing. Visit the SMUUF website at to register for the parade
Families, children, students, bicycles, unicycles,  skateboards, cars, trucks, trailers/floats, golf carts – any group or vehicle is welcome.  

Exploring Nature with Jerry Hall: Why Birds?

Why do people get so much pleasure from watching birds?  I once wrote a two-line poem that pretty well sums it up:
Watching birds is really great,
They flit, they fly, they fascinate.
 Birding has never been more popular in the United States, with some estimates putting the number of bird watchers at some 83 million people. In Great Britain, up to three-quarters of all households put out food for the birds.


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