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Exploring Nature with Jerry Hall: Why Birds?

Why do people get so much pleasure from watching birds?  I once wrote a two-line poem that pretty well sums it up:
Watching birds is really great,
They flit, they fly, they fascinate.
 Birding has never been more popular in the United States, with some estimates putting the number of bird watchers at some 83 million people. In Great Britain, up to three-quarters of all households put out food for the birds.

A Word About Recycling - Sept. 6

Some items from the latest Plastics Recycling eNewsletter, primarily concerning PET (think of the green or clear stiffer soft drink bottles).
Many of us buy bottled water (although I normally only use it when in a vehicle traveling). Thus this item caught our eye. “Nestle Waters has announced it has developed an all-recycled PET bottle for its “resource” brand of water.” It will be used in their 700 milliliter and one-liter bottles.

Life's Surprises: General Paul, his old war horse and boots

Brigadier General Paul Watkins of Dripping Springs, Texas retired from the Texas State Guard last Saturday at a ceremony at Camp Mabry in Austin, Texas.
His commanding officer, Major General Gerald Betty, gave Paul’s retirement ceremony speech.
He told of the first time he met Paul years ago. Paul was in military uniform but was wearing the wrong boots. Betty questioned privately what kind of soldier Paul was with his being out of uniform by wearing the wrong boots.


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