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John Francis Burke is the author of Building Bridges, Not Walls. The book focuses on nourishing diverse cultures in faith. The book’s contents are in English and Spanish for readers’ comprehension. (photo by John Francis Burke)


John Francis Burke's book, Building Bridges, Not Walls, was released in mid-February from Liturgical Press. His email address is

Dear Abby: 6/28/16

Boyfriend’s mom’s disapproval looms over couple’s future

DEAR ABBY: My boyfriend, “Paul,” and I have been together for five years. We want to get married, but his mother is Catholic and she doesn’t approve because I am an Alaskan native, which from her perspective makes me a pagan. 

San Marcos Public Library has variety of cookbooks

Each week hundreds of people call or visit the San Marcos Public Library to find information.  "Answers•To•Go" highlights recently received questions.  Please visit the library at 625 East Hopkins, call 512-393-8200 for information over the phone, or email us through our webpage at

Exploring Nature with Jerry Hall: Two species of grouse live in Texas

 Pity the poor Capercaillie, a large grouse found in Sweden. This bird feeds its young pine needles, which makes its meat taste like turpentine.

Alas for the grouse, the Swedes soak the bird in sour milk to get rid of the unpleasant taste.  (How they get rid of the sour milk taste is not explained.)


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