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Pictured above are the San Marcos High School students who made the Regional Choir. PHOTO COURTESY OF SMHS

SMHS choir students advance to regionals

San Marcos High School Choir Director Dawn Sheridan-Reinhuber reports that 30 Rattler singers made the Region Choir last weekend, with eight vocalists and one alternate moving on to the Pre-Area auditions on Nov. 29.

Reinhuber said, “We are so proud of the way they practiced and supported each other, and how they represented our school after moving to a new TMEA region with different participants, directors, and an unknown competitive atmosphere.”

Host Chitah Daniels Kennedy welcomes the audience to the ALIVE show at Stonewall Warehouse. PHOTO BY DENISE CATHEY

Chitah Daniels Kennedy relaxes in the backstage dressing room with her drag daughters. Coochie Couture, Lady Moné, and River Rains after the Tuesday Lip Sync Battle at Stonewall


General Manager Chris Rue and Chitah Daniels Kennedy look at photos of his new nephew in the dressing room at Stonewall Warehouse. PHOTO BY DENISE CATHEY

Inside the life of a ‘drag mother’

It’s Tuesday night at Stonewall Warehouse, the lone LGBTQ bar in downtown San Marcos – one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, but still overshadowed by nearby Austin.

Life According to Kristina: The importance of keeping faith

Faith is an amazing thing. By nature it defies reason and logic. It’s an ethereal and unexplainable belief in something that cannot be explained. Faith astounds me. We as people have the ability to blindly trust without a definable truth. Faith in the fellow man astounds me even further. In fact it’s mind blowing; particularly when that a fellow man pulls out in front of my car.

Life’s Journey: Jude Prather, councilman and veteran

While on active duty at Ft. Bragg, N.C., I saw a wounded dog on the roadside. A three-man team of MPs looked down at the dog; neither dog nor men moved-- -- I thought at the time, “they are remembering dogs they had seen dying in their childhood days.” Then, a GI-issue green poncho was brought forward so they could move the fatally-injured dog. Would the dog bite? Caution was being used. One could not help but feel a lump in the throat-- -the olive drab uniforms, the military vehicle, the look of despair on the young men’s faces as they attempted to tend the dog…

Answers to Go with Susan Smith ‘Acqua Alta’: High water in Venice

Q: I just read Donna Leon’s “Acqua Alta.” I love her mysteries. She writes as if the city of Venice is as much a character as her detective, Commissario Guido Brunetti. Can you translate the title for me?

A: Yes. “Acqua alta” means high water. In his “Pocket Venice,” Rick Steves discusses this phenomenon: “Flooding affects parts of Venice about 100 times a year, usually in winter.

“It occurs when an unusually high tide combines with strong sirocco winds from Africa that push the water toward Venice, causing a surging storm tide. 



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