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Price Center showing ‘Les Miserables’

Going into its second weekend today and tomorrow, with one more weekend to go on April 24 and 25, the musical version of “Les Misérables” will begin at 7:30 p.m. at the Price Center, 222 W. San Antonio St.
The show is a production of the Spot Light Theatre, directed by Angie Lassetter, as a fundraiser for the Price Center’s cultural programs.
First performed in 1985, the play is based on  Victor Hugo’s novel dealing with the passions and resilience of the human spirit in oppressive 19th century France, becoming one of the most celebrated musicals in theatrical history.  

Relishing every moment of their radio broadcast on OKKK, Arles Stuvie, played by R. Michael Clinkscales and Thurston Wheelis, played by Will Mercer, enjoy spreading rumors as well as the news. (Photo courtesy Wimberley Players)

R. Michael Clankscales is a formidable owner of Tuna’s used weapons shop in the role of Didi Snavely. (Photo courtesy Wimberley Players)

‘Greater Tuna’ spoofs small town Texas

When the Wimberley Players unleash the wickedly wacky and wry “Greater Tuna,” by Jaston Williams, Joe Sears, and Ed Howard, audiences are assured a first class ticket to “the third smallest town in Texas.” This brilliant send-up of small town life was originally a party skit that debuted as a play in Austin, Texas in the fall of 1981, and off-Broadway in 1982. By 1985 it was the most produced play in the U.S. Greater Tuna is onstage at the Wimberley Playhouse weekends, April 24 – May 17.

Dating Violence Awareness in our local schools

Two public relations teams at Texas State University are creating awareness on the issues of dating violence, which is of great concern on college campuses throughout the country. Both campaigns, one entitled “Empowered” is targeting students at Texas State University. The second campaign “Love Doesn’t Hit” targets high school students at San Marcos High School and the surrounding San Marcos area.

Officers show the class a bag of marijuana confiscated from the streets of San Marcos. Officers asked that the item number of the evidence on the bag be removed from the photo. (Daily Record photo by Pamela Gravis)

Goods in the evidence storage vault. (Daily Record photo by Pamela Gravis)

Tracy Engler, crime scene and evidence supervisor, shows the CPA class the evidence storage vault. The class was not allowed to go into the room, but observe from afar. (Daily Record photo by Pamela Gravis)

Citizens Police Academy: Week 10


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