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Entrepreneur and social activist Dieter Cantu addresses students at the Edna Tamayo Halfway House located in Harlingen, Texas. Cantu visits locations across the state to raise awareness about the mistreatment and abuse of women. (photo by Dieter Cantu)

Dear Abby 3/18/16

Dad is disturbed by his ex’s revolving door relationships

DEAR ABBY: I was in a six-year relationship with a woman. We shared a home and have a child together, whom I support. She has primary custody, and I provide financial support and exercise my visitations regularly. 

Hays County Master Gardener Jo Hackett, shown here in front of the newly prepared community garden in Wimberley, will conduct the Texas Master Gardeners Spring Vegetable Gardening workshop next Thursday at 6:30 p.m. at the San Marcos Public Library. (photos by Carol Croft)

If gardeners are short on space, then they might want to consider planting a keyhole garden, which is shown here.

Dear Abby 3/16/16

Booklet full of ‘keepers’ is sure to give pleasure

DEAR ABBY: I have lost my copy of the “Letter From Your Pet,” the essay that is written from the pet’s viewpoint to his master, assuring him it is the right thing to do when it is time to put the pet down. Is it included in your “Keepers” booklet? If so, how can I order a copy? -- RUTH IN THE VILLAGES, FLA.



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