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From left are Respect Women members Aarom Whalon, Bernardo Baxter, David Glasco, Dieter Cantu, Pernell Jones and John Belvin.

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Growing up in Chicago, Dieter Cantu saw a lot of struggle and a lot of misfortune, not the least of which included his own.
Cantu, now a San Antonio resident, had a troubled child and young adult-hood and found himself in prison for aggravated robbery.
“When I was younger I was in foster care and things like that,” Cantu said. “My father had passed away and my mother was real sick. I’m from Chicago and I came down and I really had a lack of opportunity.”
“I mean, in my neighborhood, you see everything. You see incarceration, you see gang activity, you see drug use, you see all that. When I got out I didn’t want to be part of the recidivism rate. I didn’t want to go back or do the same thing over again,” he said. “Because I was my provider. I paid my mother’s bills, I paid for my medical bills, I paid for everything. I went in when I was 16 and I was released when I was 20 years old. I just wanted to find a different way.”


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