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Torres-Blank biked through the San Juan Mountains in southern Colorado, about 15 miles north of the New Mexico border.
At Boreas Pass, 10 miles southeast of Breckenridge, Colorado, which Torres-Blank says might just be her favorite climb. “(It was) originally a railroad route so the grade is quite gentle compared to other climbs on the route,” she said. “Scenery was stunning with great views of ski slopes, other peaks, and the town far below. I reached the top shortly before sunset.”
On top of Ute Pass, about 15 miles north of Silverthorne, Colorado. “One of the few passes with pavement all way so it provides one of the best screaming fast descents on the route.”
Continental Divide crossing just west of Marysville, Montana. “I climbed three passes that day, this being the second. You can see the dark sky up ahead. I rode right into that mess get hammered by a thunderstorm going over Priest Pass,” said Torres-Blank. The trees were pretty sparse but I eventually found shelter under a gigantic boulder with an overhang so I chilled out there until the lightning passed.”

Riding the continental divide


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From vacations to some much-needed time off, San Marcos residents have plenty of plans as the summer begins to wind down.
For Texas State University Music Cataloguing Librarian Sheila Torres-Blank, the last month of her summer involved a bike ride along the Continental Divide.
The Tour Divide annual bike race follows a 2,745 mile-long route through two provinces and five states. The race starts in Canada and extends all the way to New Mexico, mostly along unpaved routes.
“The first time I heard about it, it was from an adventure racing friend,” Torres-Blank said. “He told me about this crazy thing where people were leaving from Canada and trying to get to the Mexican border as fast as possible, sleeping wherever they fell. At the time, I was thinking that is just the most crazy, bad-ass thing I’ve ever heard of and I would never want to do that.”
Torres-Blank has biked since junior high, and when she saw a documentary on the race entitled, “Ride the Divide,” she thought she could do it.


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