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Firefighter Jake Sedovic (left), demonstrates to trainees Matthew Felton and Pablo Nieto how to use a hip grip when operating a fire hose for the “Hose Handling” training at San Marcos Fire Station 3. DAILY RECORD PHOTO BY DENISE CATHEY

Firefighter John Craft instructs trainees Matthew Felton, Pablo Nieto, and Thomas Courchesne in the proper grip and position for using the hip grip method of handling a fire hose while firefighter Jake Sedovic looks on at the ‘Hose Handling’ training at the San Marcos Fire Department Station 3.


Firefighter John Craft demonstrates the hip grip method of handling a fire hose which gives a firefighter more control in directing the spray by using the body’s own mechanics at the ‘Hose Handling’ training at the San Marcos Fire Department Station 3. 


Learning the basics

Burglary spike prompts warning from SM police

The San Marcos Police Department is urging residents to take common, easy steps to safeguard their belongings and vehicles. 

“The beginning of the semester is an active time for vehicle burglaries and thefts,” said Bob Klett, Assistant Chief of Police. “We’re asking all residents, especially newcomers and students, to protect their valuables and safeguard their vehicles.” 

 Police are asking residents to:

• Lock their vehicles

• Take valuable belongings and car keys with them

City candidate field might be biggest to date

Tara Pohlmeyer - Staff Reporter

The San Marcos election season could be interesting with 15 total candidates filed to be on the ballot in November for either San Marcos mayor or Place 1, 2 or 3 on the city council. 

“In my career, I’ve never seen this many candidates run for a city election,” City Clerk Jamie Lee Case said. 

“I can’t find that we’ve had this many candidates in San Marcos history,” she added, though the office hasn’t completed their look back. 

Jason Montgomery,

Montgomery wants a ‘positive way forward’

Tara Pohlmeyer - Staff Reporter

Jason Montgomery, a U.S. Navy veteran and Texas State University alumnus, is one of the four men running for the unexpired one-year term of Place 3 on the San Marcos City Council. 

Montgomery, who has no relation to Patrick Montgomery who ran for mayor two years ago, moved to San Marcos five years ago after leaving the military and chose Texas State to get his degree. After graduating, he immediately enrolled in Austin Community College for real estate school, and is now looking for a broker to activate his real estate license. 

Budget approved and FY 2017 tax rate set

Tara Pohlmeyer - Staff Reporter

The 2016-2017 budget and tax rate have been approved by the San Marcos CISD school board. 

At their meeting on Monday night, a budget of $69.4 million was approved, with a $3.9 million deficit. 

“I don’t think it’s sustainable to run a $3.9 million deficit,” Trustee John McGlothlin said. “I think that the increase in expenditures way outpaces the increase in revenue. As a district, we can’t do that very long.” 


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