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Speech is Trump’s chance to shine

WASHINGTON (AP) — Tradition suggests it’s time for Donald Trump to set aside the say-anything speaking style and rise to the inaugural moment.
But bucking tradition, or ignoring it altogether, is what got Donald Trump to his inaugural moment.
When Trump stands on the west front of the Capitol on Friday and delivers his inaugural address, all sides will be waiting to see whether he comes bearing a unifying message for a divided nation or decides to play up his persona as a disrupter of the established order.

A broken valve on a domestic water line at the Capstone Cottages sprayed thousands of gallons of water high into the air before being repaired Thursday. DAILY RECORD PHOTO BY RUSSELL WILDE

Broken pipe spewed water for hours

Russell Wilde - Staff Reporter
A broken pipe sent water spraying close to 50 feet in the air Thursday morning at the Capstone Cottages near the intersection of Wonder World Drive and Craddock Avenue. A woman living near the break said it happened early Thursday morning.
“It sounded like a thump and then all of a sudden I heard a lot of water,” Jessica Miller said. “I was half asleep and I woke up and thought it was raining really hard but I was like, why isn’t it raining over there?”

Saturday’s Austin march will include SM women

Laura Aebi - Features Editor
Donald J. Trump will be inaugurated as President today, and on Saturday, women around the nation are gathering in solidarity to demonstrate their voice through their numbers.
The Hays County Women’s Political Caucus did their part by organizing two buses to take those wanting to participate in a march in Austin this weekend.
Melissa Millecam, the interim-president for the caucus, describes the response to offering transportation to the march as overwhelming.

Report reveals threats to world’s lakes, reservoirs

A global study of transboundary lakes and reservoirs led by Walter Rast, a Fellow of The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment at Texas State University, has identified a wide range of threats impacting the world’s freshwater systems.
Rast, who also serves as chairman of the International Lake Environment Committee (ILEC), has found that African lakes collectively exhibited the highest human water security threats, while European and North American lakes collectively exhibited the highest biodiversity threats.

Retail, restaurants in Kyle’s plan for Yarrington development

KYLE – The concept plan for the development at Yarrington Rd. in Kyle’s southern gateway is now in its final stages. Kyle’s City Manager Scott Sellers said the plan serves as the blueprint for future development at the Yarrington Rd. location, which is on the northwest side of Interstate 35.
 “This conceptual plan is the starting point for recruiting businesses to that location,” Sellers said.


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