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Cape’s Dam, best seen from downstream, is barely hanging on. Only the center portion represents what the structure used to look like.  DAILY RECORD PHOTOs BY ANITA MILLER


The water is clear and serene in the Mill Race. Some in San Marcos lament that it will dry up if Cape’s Dam is removed.


Turtles hang out on a stump protruding from the water along the Mill Race at Thompson’s Islands. 


Pleading for a little piece of paradise

Anita Miller - Managing Editor

There’s a thing about progress. It can take away paradise, one little piece at a time.

Fire department personnel comfort a young girl who has been given a “junior firefighter’s” hat. Three children were in a Ford pickup that rear-ended a small hatchback Thursday afternoon on the West Access Road just north of Wonder World Drive. Two adults were transported by EMS for treatment. DAILY RECORD PHOTO BY ANITA MILLER


Two hurt in crash

Students had balloons and glitter, but broke nothing, school says

David Short - Business Editor

As the school year closes down and preparations continue for Saturday night’s San Marcos High School graduation, the investigation into last weekend’s break-in by students continues.

“Police were called at approximately 12:30 a.m. Monday morning,” Karen Griffith, interim superintendent, said.  


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