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Around the world for SMHS students


On June 9, 13 students and two teachers from San Marcos High School will be embarking on a 24 day trip to Germany.  The group is participating in the German American Partnership Program (GAPP) sponsored by both the German and American governments and the Goethe Institute.  The GAPP exchange offers American and German students the opportunity to stay with host families and attend school in their partner country.  San Marcos High School has had an exchange with the Oberland-Gymnasium in Seifhennersdorf, Germany since 1997.  Diane Laumer, former SMHS German teacher, introduced the program to SMHS and directed three exchanges.  Charlie Foust took over for Laumer in 2003 and led five exchanges.  Pictured from left are Michelle Darling, SMHS principal, Diane Laumer, former SMHS German teacher, founder of SMHS GAPP exchange, Asia Cunningham, student, Mindy Foster, current SMHS German teacher, Atarah Law, student, Charles Foust, former SMHS German teacher, Aubrey Ellison, student, Wiley Reid, student, Gaby Joy, student, Zoe Schwartz, student, Price Clayton, student, Bonnie Brown, student, Cassidy Wallace, student, Cody Mahon, student, Sage Richardson, student, Ali Herington, student, Genie Rolfe, SMHS teacher, co-chaperone, Mark Eads, superintendent and Mayor Daniel Guerrero.

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