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Campus carry law becomes official on dark anniversary

Dave McNeely - The Facts/Clute Texas

It was ironic the Texas Legislature chose Aug. 1 for Campus Carry to become law.

That’s the 50th anniversary of the day Charles Whitman went up on the University of Texas tower and started firing, killing 14 and wounding 32.

Campus Carry is the moniker that’s been applied to the Legislature’s legal insistence that licensed handgun owners can carry weapons not just on campuses, but into office buildings.

A 102-year-old’s view of Hillary’s historic moment

John Micek - Syndicated Columnist

PHILADELPHIA -- If there was any doubt as to the massive symbolic significance of Hillary Clinton winning the Democratic nomination for president, one need only look at the face of Jerry Emmett.

Emmett, who is 102, was born before American women won the right to vote.

On Tuesday night in the Wells Fargo Center, the honorary member of Arizona’s delegation to the Democratic National Convention pledged her home state’s votes to Clinton.

Want an arts and cultural district? Take the survey

To All Interested:


Over the past year, the Arts Advocates of San Marcos have investigated the benefits of creating an Arts and Cultural District. We believe that it could be a valuable foundation for the community.  There has been a tremendous amount of growth in San Marcos and an Arts and Cultural District would help preserve our community and culture. We want to bring this discussion to a bigger group and help create a long-term vision for the arts in San Marcos.

Can Hillary convince voters that she’s the optimistic candidate?

PHILADELPHIA - After four days of doom and gloom in Donald Trump’s America, Democrats have a deceptively simple task to accomplish with their convention this week:

Namely, convincing broad swaths of voters that Hillary Clinton and her new running mate, Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia, possess the right mix of optimism and practicality to lead the nation for the next four years.

They begin that effort, if not on first base, then halfway down the path at least.


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