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According to Trump, 99 percent of us are ‘losers’


The message I get from watching the presidential campaign circus is that Mr. Trump considers me and everyone I know losers. In his world of winners — defined as multi-millionaires and losers — defined as everyone else, 99 percent of the U.S. population are losers. It baffles me why anyone would even want to lead a nation of “losers.” By this simplistic measure, even Jesus Christ himself was a “loser.”

Treatment can make things worse

Dear Editor,

The great Roman orator Cicero believed a monarchy was the best form of government when the monarch was good, and the worst when he was bad. After reading about emperors like Nero and Caligula, I can readily understand the bad part. Cicero also said democracy is good when the people are virtuous, which he said is never. He said democracy by itself (that is, not mixed with other government forms) becomes mob rule, chaos, and then dictatorship.

Taking the high road


   Thanks to Lisa Prewitt, Jane Hughson and Melissa Derrick for a very well written Guest Column in the San Marcos Record on 9-25-2016. In it they outlined the history of H-E-B’s petition asking for a change in land usage on the land they own on the corner of Hunter Road and Wonder World Drive that would allow them to build a grocery store there.

Vote Trump, Hillary Clinton is a lot worse


 Vote Trump!

 Yes, there is much that is wrong with Donald Trump.  He is loud and contemptuous.  Yes, he “puts his foot in his mouth” many times.  That said, Hillary Clinton is a lot worse.  Neither is truly Presidential material...neither was Obama.

 How many more bombings and American lives need to be lost before we get a lot smarter and vote for Trump to enforce our immigration laws and to view Islamic extremists for what they are...terrorists!  We need to extradite violent illegal criminals quickly and with extreme prejudice. 



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