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We need to think big about future of Cape’s Dam


Is the city of San Marcos willing to rise to the Challenge in Restoring Cape’s Dam?

With all the discussion about Cape’s Dam and the surrounding areas, there is a question I keep asking myself!

Is the city of San Marcos capable of rising to the challenge in creating a vision, a master plan for the Cape’s Dam, Stokes Park, the mill race and the surrounding areas? 

Fairness dictates this letter


I am not a supporter of John Thomaides, but my experience with him has been very different from that alleged in a ltter published on Aug. 14.

I emailed Mr. Thomaides at his City Council address on a Sunday several months ago. The subject was not urgent and in fact could have been construed by Mr. Thomaides as somewhat negative towards him. I was surprised to receive a reply about an hour later. I responded and received another prompt reply. Both replies from Mr. Thomaides were responsive, courteous and professional. 

Strong case made against H-E-B

Dear Editor, 


I refer to the well-written article by Jennifer Fischer which appeared on the Opinion page of the Record on Wednesday, August 10, 2016. 

Ms. Fischer makes a strong case against the proposed location of the H-E-B store at the intersection of Wonder World Drive and Hunter Road. 

I was out of town during the early part of the discussion and have only heard negative responses regarding the city’s approval of the project. Ms. Fischer’s fine piece presents a strong case against the project with ample sound reasoning and logic. 



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