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H-E-B: The issue was proper land usage

We would like to make something very clear to the public and to H-E-B. As elected representatives of the fine city of San Marcos, we have much respect for the corporate citizens that H-E-B have been to us during times of tragedy and even times of celebration. They have always gone above and beyond in supporting our community with donations, whether they were the first to respond with offers of help during flooding, or the first to respond with donations for good causes. H-E-B has always gone above and beyond in supporting the community of San Marcos, and that has never been questioned.

SMRF: Setting the record straight about Cape’s Dam

 The San Marcos River Foundation lists answers below to some of the incorrect statements in the opinion piece written by dam advocates, recently printed in the San Marcos Daily Record.  We can only answer 3 out of 10 total today, for space reasons, so will continue to offer the rest online, in an effort to correct the information being circulated about Cape’s Dam.



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