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Click to ‘Like’ Ben Carson

Christine Flowers

Syndicated Columnist

Facebook is a little bit like “Lord of the Flies,” without the exotic island locale. It’s a place where people can gang up on you in a virtual lynch mob if you stray from the communal orthodoxy, and they use the “like” button as rope. You have two choices: be shamed into submission or slink away on a life raft. 

Kill the messenger

Daryl Cagle

Syndicated Columnist

The Daily Illini college newspaper at the University of Illinois cancelled their subscription to over fifty cartoonists in my newspaper syndication package this week, in response to protests against a Halloween cartoon by Rick McKee of the Augusta Chronicle which featured a trick-or-treater climbing over a fence, saying, “I’m going as an illegal immigrant.” 

In an online apology, The Daily Illini editors write:

Letter to the Editor


Regarding to “Population projects should jolt Americans” (Sunday), Joe Guzzardi didn’t hesitate to bring out the negative side of immigrants in America. Some of the negative side that he brought up were high immigration produces unemployment and depress earnings of American workers. I completely disagree with the points that he makes.

Leaving home to stay safe

The following article is part four of a four-week series focusing on raising awareness about domestic violence. October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and we hope to educate our community on this very serious issue. Hays-Caldwell Women’s Center has been serving victims of domestic and dating violence, sexual assault and child abuse since 1978. Last year, HCWC served 1,766 victims of abuse (face-to-face) from Hays and Caldwell County. 955 of those were victims of domestic violence.

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