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Thanks for all you do

Letter to the editor,
I must not let another day pass without expressing my gratitude.
• The annual Bobcat Build volunteer student generated program, Texas State University that took place on April 2.
• The city of San Marcos Amy Kirwin with brushy drop off and the environmental cleanup drop off, 750 River Road, that took place April 9.
• The Daily Record for publishing notices and articles in My Town section and keeping San Marcos informed.
Thank you so much for all you do to keep San Marcos beautiful.

Sara Lee Underwood Myers
San Marcos

We appreciate the donation

I just wanted to say “Thank-You” so much for the donation of newspapers.
Our pre-school students had lots of fun making Sombreros.
Our friends down in San Antonio are celebrating “Fiesta” and so are we at Texas Preparatory School.
Students also made ponchos and musical instruments.
Students learned how to count, say the alphabet,and speak common words,all in Spanish.
Students were exposed to different types of Spanish/Mexican foods.
From all our pre-school students and staff at Texas Preparatory School


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