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‘Deadly intersection’ needs left turn lane


On Friday, July 4, 2014, my husband and I were returning from San Marcos when we were involved in a six-vehicle accident at the intersection of State Hwy. 80 and County Road 101 (Old Bastrop Hwy.) The accident was caused by a suspected drunk driver, and claimed the life of a 25-year-old man. Several others were injured, two, critically.
Having lived in Caldwell County for 20 years, I have traveled to San Marcos via State Hwy. 80 regularly. This is the first accident I've witnessed at the deadly intersection, but have seen many near misses as vehicles waited at the traffic light to turn left. I use County Road 101 as a short cut to access the southeast areas of San Marcos. Every single time I use CR 101, I sit at the light with my left blinker on, glued to the rearview mirror praying that I won't be rear ended by an inattentive driver.
Recently, the intersection (80/CR 1984) just before the one where the accident occurred, has been improved with a traffic light, and a dedicated left turn lane.
Surprisingly, there are currently no plans for upgrading the intersection of 80/CR 101. Before another soul loses their life, this intersection must be fast-tracked for improvement to include a dedicated left turn lane.

Martha Stark Dolese

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