Kelley sentenced for Texas State bomb threat

BRYAN (AP) — A Bryan man charged with making bomb threats to Texas A&M has been sentenced for similar threats made against Texas State University.
Dereon Kelley, 22, on Wednesday was handed a sentence of 33 months in federal
prison for the October threats against Texas State.
U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes, who presided over the trial, additionally ordered Kelley to pay a $300 fine and $15,000 in restitution and serve a
three-year term of supervision upon his release.
Approximately $12,000 of the restitution will be paid to Texas State University
and $3,000 will go to Kelley’s former girlfriend, Brittany Henderson of Bryan, whom Kelley implicated in the threat and who spent more than a month in jail in San Marcos on charges related to the threat.
Kelley was accused of three federal counts of using the Internet to convey a false threat involving an explosive device in order to intimidate people at
Texas State University.
The charges carried a maximum sentence of up to 10 years in federal prison and a
$250,000 fine. Kelley was found guilty after a two-day trial and one hour of jury deliberation.
The prosecution called six witnesses to testify, including Henderson.
Spokeswoman Angela Dodge with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Houston said Henderson testified about her relationship with Kelley, how it soured and how
“the next thing she knew police were at her door.” Kelley did not take the stand.
Kelley’s attorney, assistant federal public defender Philip Gallagher of Houston, declined to comment on the details of the trial.
Dodge said Kelley used his cellphone and “hacked” into Henderson’s Yahoo email account and sent three separate emails threatening to bomb the admissions
office at Texas State in San Marcos, according to evidence and testimony presented in court.
The defense attempted to convince the jury that the crime was committed by some
other person, but the assertion was contradicted by the email header and cellphone service provider records, Dodge said.
Kelley also faces charges connected to a bomb threat that caused the evacuation
of Texas A&M’s campus on Oct. 19. Dodge said the U.S. Bureau of Prisons
has yet to determine which facility Kelley will be imprisoned in.