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A bee-eater.A lilac breasted roller.A male Gouldian Finch.The lady amhearst pheasant is a top bird in terms of colorful plumage.A breasted starling.

EXPLORING NATURE WITH JERRY HALL: Delightful dozen: the most beautiful birds

What are the top 12 birds of the world in terms of colorful plumage? According to National Geographic, the best-dressed dozen, in order, are: Golden-breasted starling, Lady Amherst's pheasant, lilac-breasted roller, Mandarin duck, Indian peafowl, rainbow lorikeet, resplendent quetzal, sunbittern, black-and-yellow broadbill, European bee-eater, Gouldian finch and red-crowned crane.
These are all beautiful birds – I've seen six of them in the flesh and would love to see them all. Until then, photos show they all have marvelous feather colors and patterns.  None are native to the United States; to see them in the wild, you’ll have to visit far-off places, including Africa, Australia, South America and Asia.


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