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On the other hand: The Rock at The Rock

Our two children Amity and Daniel grew up fishing with me at my favorite trout fishing spot at our family cabin in Gallinas Canyon in the mountains outside Las Vegas, New Mexico.
The Rock.
There my kids learned to fish, think, and ponder the world with the mountain stream rushing over The Rock, creating waterfalls and a great trout fishing pool below The Rock.
The cares of the world were washed away by sound of the rushing water. You could hear nothing else there while you were fishing for wily trout. Just you and the sound of the water falls.
Sacred place. The Rock.
From birth both children learned that The Rock was a sacred place for their father. It eventually became a special place for both of them.
Daniel invited his girlfriend Chante’ to join us this year at the cabin. Then we invited Chante’s younger brother Royce.
Then Daniel decided to surprise Chante’ and to secretly invite her parents Ed and Elaine. They live in Bandera. Bandera is 12 hours from Las Vegas.
Daniel, Chante’, Royce, Cameron Dennis, Pam and I arrived at the Historic Plaza Hotel Thursday evening at 4:30 pm. Ed and Elaine arrived at 5:00 pm. Chante’ was shocked to see her parents there at the hotel.
Ed said, “Oh, Royce forgot his favorite fishing hat and we brought it to him.”


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