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Joey becomes a little more forward, nuzzling Baru’s nose.
The puppeteers make Joey rear onto his hind legs for the Tuesday morning demonstration.
Puppeteers (from left) Jon Hoche, Patrick Osteen and Greg Manley talk about learning to work together to create Joey’s character.
Life-sized horse puppet ‘Joey’ touches noses with Austin Police Department horse Baru, ridden by Officer Terri Wilson of APD.

'War Horse' gallops into Bass Hall

Features Editor

When you first see Joey the War Horse come out on stage, you wonder if the man leading his head is ever going to speak. Before long though, the viewer ceases to notice the puppeteer, along with the two puppeteers inside the 120 pound horse frame and sees, instead, a beautiful horse come to life.
“War Horse,” the Broadway play, opened in Austin Tuesday night at Bass Concert Hall, and few were able to attend a meet and greet with the horse, Joey, and his puppeteers earlier in the day. Joey does not talk, nor does he express himself in any way other than that of a horse. His ears move, his tail swishes and his legs, head and neck move similar to that of a real horse.
Handmade from a theater company in South Africa, Joey is framed mostly by cane, with aluminum along the spine, so that the actors can ride him.


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