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Jeannie Almaraz and her family moved into a new place on river road, to have her home and belongings, including her car, pictured here, ruined. (Daily Record photo by David Short)

Walking around in flood waters is not only dangerous because of the currents, but also because of the quality of the water. Flood waters include sewage, debris, motor fuel, hydrocarbons and other hazards. (Daily Record photo by David Short)

Lots of water doesn’t mean river-time fun. Bringing kids near flood waters, like this family out to fish, is risky and dangerous. This weekend’s flood currents were strong, and still are. (Daily Record photo by David Short)

The bridge on Highway 80 at the Blanco River. The water was remarkably high and trees, seen at a distance, were stripped of their bark. (Daily Record photo by David Short)

What to do: Before, during and after a flood

By Candice Brusuelas

Features Editor


The Memorial weekend flood of 2015 has left hundreds of decimated homes and many more residents have property damage. Destroyed flooring, totaled vehicles, fried electronics and appliances and more have been discovered the past few days. Though no more flooding has been predicted (as of press time) for the near future, here are some safety and preparation tips to keep you safe.

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