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Answers to go with Susan Smith: The story behind the old cemetery

Each week hundreds of people call or visit the San Marcos Public Library to find information.  “Answers To Go” highlights recent questions. For information, visit the library at 625 East Hopkins, call 393-8200 or email the library though its website,
Q: I heard that the original San Marcos cemetery was actually closer to downtown.  Can you tell me where it was and when it moved to the current site on Old Ranch Road 12?

Exploring Nature with Jerry Hall: Bluebirds call this area home all year

People often try to attract two kinds of birds in our area, hummingbirds and bluebirds.
Since fall migration is under way, most all the hummers will shortly be gone, most headed for points south in Mexico and Central America.
Bluebirds, however, are year-round residents and will be around all winter.  
If you’d like to attract these cavity-nesting thrushes, bear in mind they prefer homes that are close to fields, pastures and open woodlands. They are definitely country and not city birds.

A Word About Recycling - August 30

For those of you who don’t receive the San Antonio Express-News, we thought an item in the Aug. 19 edition concerning garbage and recycling was interesting.
It appears under a new Pay as You Throw program, citizens will soon have a choice of three different sizes of brown garbage cart they need (the smaller, the less expensive). The city is hoping this choice will encourage more citizens to recycle so as to meet the city’s goal of a recycling rate of at least 60 percent by 2025.


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