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Choose hearty plants this time of the season, like cabbage.

Keep growing with season-extending gardening tips

Warm weather, continued care and robust plants have yielded a bounty of beautiful, fresh vegetables – and personal satisfaction – from your garden this season. As the weather cools and fall approaches, it is not time to hang up your hat, gloves and trowel for the year. Autumn provides optimum weather and ample opportunity to keep growing and harvesting delicious, healthy produce well into the season.

Ethan Ramirez and Kelsey Bernard stand in front of their “tiny house” that they built themselves.
he view from Bernard and Ramirez’ front door. To the left, in the forefront, is their kitchen, and ahead, above their bedroom, is their living room area and little couch. In the forefront on the right is where their desk is situated.
A close-up of the kitchen and bedroom shelves, filled to the ceiling.
Ramirez and Bernard’s kitchen.
The outdoor shower, attached to the bathroom/storage shed.
The office area, just inside the front door.
The outside, rear of the tiny house.

Living little

When you think of “tiny houses” you envision the picturesque mini-condo you see on some link entitled “10 of the Tiniest Houses You’ll Ever See,” or “15 Most Stunning Little Houses.” Ethan Ramirez and Kelsey Bernard’s tiny home is nothing like those sleek cottages, with open-view windows and room for a lounging chair in front of a fireplace, yet little to no storage. Their house is possibly one of the smallest, and most efficient you’ll ever see.


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