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Judy Aswell will give a presentation on fairy gardening during the Feb. 11 Spring Lake Garden Club meeting at the Hays County AgriLife Extension Office. (Photo by Spring Lake Garden Club)

The art of fairy gardening: Presentation part of Feb. 11 Spring Lake Garden Club meeting

Spring Lake Garden Club members will meet Thursday, Feb. 11 to hear an explanation and demonstration of fairy gardening by Judy Aswell.
The meeting will be at 10 a.m. at the Hays County AgriLife Extension Office, 1253 Civic Center Loop and Clovis Barker Road.
Aswell says that fairy gardening has been increasing in popularity and appeal in the last year or so.  
She explains fairy gardening in this way, “The basic idea of fairy gardening is gardening in ‘minature’ to create the appearance that tiny fairy like creatures have taken up residence in your garden.”

The Internal Revenue Service (and/or those on Capitol Hill who set the IRS budget) have decided to save money by cutting back on the distribution of IRS forms and instructions through libraries and post offices.  (

Answers to go with Susan Smith: How to obtain IRS forms

Each week hundreds of people call or visit the San Marcos Public Library to find information.  "Answers To Go" highlights recently received questions.  Please visit the library at 625 E. Hopkins St., call 512-393-8200 for information over the phone, or email us through our webpage at
Q. I need a new IRS form this year. Does the library have form 8962?

Many times birds are associated with sports teams as their mascots. (

Exploring Nature with Jerry Hall: Birds used in sports

Maybe you have noticed birds and professional sports have a great relationship.  Just look at all the teams named after birds.
The National Football League has Cardinals, Falcons, Ravens and Seahawks.  
The National Hockey League has Mighty Ducks and Penguins, and once had Thrashers.   
Major League Baseball has Blue Jays, Cardinals and Orioles.
Atlanta is probably the most birdy city when it comes to sports teams, having had Falcons, Hawks and Thrashers.  
And, closer to home, Austin once had a hockey team named after Bats.

Trail riders and their horses parade down the streets of San Marcos during their annual visit to the city on their way to the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. GRA Trails will be in downtown San Marcos on Monday between 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m. (photo by city of San Marcos)

Last year’s car show participants queue up to find their place at the annual Hot Rods and Hatters Festival in downtown Lockhart. The event is a popular draw for motor enthusiasts from everywhere. At least 600 car show participants along with thousands of spectators are expected to attend this Saturday’s show taking place in downtown Lockhart. (photos by Joel Gammage)

From left to right are Dustin Little, judge and owner of Classic Innovations Garage, Dave Wolfe, owner of Saint Elmo Soundstage and emcee also known as Danger Dave, Ted Philipus, of Classic Innovations Garage and judge, Joel Gammage, event producer and host, and his wife, Catrin Bennett Gammage.


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