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Holding some of the food items are Lorenzo de Zavala Elementary Student Council members Bryan Martinez-Otero, Jewlysa Guerrero, Margarita Eufemia de Leon, Ellie Hurtado, Simon Gonzales, Misty Veltkamp, Kaitlynn Cadena, Lucas Gonzales, Alazeah Cavazos and Jessica DeLeon.

Student Council members Jessica DeLeon, Kaitlynn Cadena, Alazeah Cavazos, Margarita Eufemia de Leon, Lucas Gonzales, Bryant Martinez-Otero, Misty Veltkamp and Jewlysa Guerrero stand in front of their turkey. Each feather representing 10 cans donated. PHOTOS BY CINDY MOSIER.

Student Council Members Jessica DeLeon, Kaitlynn Cadena, Alazeah Cavazos, Margarita Eufemia de Leon, Lucas Gonzales, Bryant Martinez-Otero, Misty Veltkamp, and Jewlysa Guerrero standing in front of the Turkey with each feather representing 10 cans donated from a class.

De Zavala Elementary holds food drive

The De Zavala Elementary Student Council collected over 820 cans of food for the Food Bank’s Turkeys Tackling Hunger campaign this year.

Keeping it lean: Eating healthy during the holidays

HENDERSON, Texas (AP)— The holiday season is officially here. However, this season often tempts us to over-indulge, ruining already healthy eating habits.

The holidays may not be the best time to think about losing weight, but they do not have to cause undue stress about weight gain. According to the Calorie Control Council, the average American can consume more than 4,500 calories and 229 grams of fat during a typical holiday gathering.

Crockett Elementary students recently held a pet food collection. After students learned how to keep their pets safe through lessons provided by the officers from the San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter, they ran a campaign to collect food and needed supplies for the shelter. Crockett Elementary students collected over 800 pounds of food. The winning homeroom, Veronica Garcia’s 3rd grade class, won the “Big Dog” award for having the largest contribution of donations. As a reward, their class will get to read with the large stuffed dog for a few weeks. PHOTO BY IRIS CAMPBELL.

The screech-owl has no issues with making its nest in busy areas, such as city parks and suburban neighborhoods. PHOTO COURTESY OF ROLF NUSSBAUMER.

Exploring Nature: Screech-owls

Jerry Hall- Columnist

The most common owl in our area is the Eastern screech-owl.

It is a bird that many people try to attract with houses. Generally, to be successful, these houses should be about 15 feet high and in a wooded neighborhood. Don and Nan Perkins of Wimberley and Cara Wernli and Jane Little of Woodcreek have all had success with owl houses.


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