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Dear Abby 5/26/16

Mom objects when kids are made to pay for roughhousing

DEAR ABBY: We visit my in-laws two or three times a year. During our most recent visit, my kids (ages 12 and 14) were roughhousing with their cousins and accidentally slammed a door, which resulted in a broken frame. Their grandpa had asked them to stop, which they apparently didn’t do.

Dear Abby 5/25/16

DEAR ABBY: My mom lives with me and my hubby. Recently I found out that she walks around at night because she hears noises or is restless -- and puts her ear on our bedroom door, too!

I was shocked. I think this is a complete invasion of my privacy, and I was embarrassed to no end. I now avoid getting intimate with my hubby, and he has no idea why. 

I have to be sensitive about what I say to Mom because she underwent surgery recently and she has a lot of medical issues. How should I handle this? -- NO NOISE FOR MS. NOSY

Tracy Weinberg's two albums are The Other Way Around and Mountains of Dreams. (photo by Tracy Weinberg)

San Marcos-based singer/songwriter Tracy Weinberg has 3 upcoming shows

San Marcos-based singer/songwriter Tracy Weinberg has three very different and fun shows scheduled in the coming two weeks. 

The first show is planned for this Friday from 7 to 9 p.m. at NeWorlDeli, located at 4101 Guadalupe St. in Austin.

 A pilot with Flying Vikings joins a special-needs boy and his family. Flying Vikings will be at the San Marcos Regional Airport on June 4 to provide free flights to children so they can experience the thrill of flying. 

Dear Abby 5/24/16

Funding for cancer sufferer seems brazen to co-worker

DEAR ABBY: A co-worker has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. She’s not sure how long she may have. She is relatively young, so it’s tragic. We have excellent insurance from work, national health care and disability insurance.


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