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In this scene from "The Outsiders," the Greaser gang designs a rumble strategy. (photo by Ron Jager)

A member of the Greaser gang challenges the doctor's refusal to disclose the severity of a young fire victim's burns. (photo by Ron Jager)

'The Outsiders' at the Price Center

According to Ronald Jager, a stated goal of the Price Center is to promote intergenerational cultural activities.  
“The Outsiders” offers an opportunity to blend community kids with high school students struggling to overcome severe socio-economic divisions that can become violent, including adults ranging all the way into their 80s.  
The novel from which the play has emerged is an icon that has often been required reading by generations of high school English students and is dramatized in this theater production by Lee Coleé’s Black Diamond Cabaret Theatre from Wimberley.

Totem poles in the Pacific Northwest often featured ravens. (photo by Jerry Hall)

Exploring Nature with Jerry Hall: Bird mythology

People have been watching birds, and drawing them, from mankind’s earliest days.  
A rock painting in Australia depicts a giant bird which is thought to have become extinct 40,000 years ago.
A cave in France, dating back some 30,000 years, contains the carving of an owl in soft rock near the entrance.
Native American myth and art feature the thunderbird, a supernatural bird based on the eagle or vulture. This magic mega-bird was considered the messenger of the Great Spirit. 


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