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The screech-owl has no issues with making its nest in busy areas, such as city parks and suburban neighborhoods. PHOTO COURTESY OF ROLF NUSSBAUMER.

Exploring Nature: Screech-owls

Jerry Hall- Columnist

The most common owl in our area is the Eastern screech-owl.

It is a bird that many people try to attract with houses. Generally, to be successful, these houses should be about 15 feet high and in a wooded neighborhood. Don and Nan Perkins of Wimberley and Cara Wernli and Jane Little of Woodcreek have all had success with owl houses.

Bad Boy Books to host Author W.W. McNeal

Dahlia Woods Gallery and Bad Boy Books are excited to present a book talk, reading and book signing by W. W. McNeal of his Texas historical novel Plum Creek at our gallery/bookstore on Friday, Dec. 2, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

Plum Creek, set in Central Texas beginning in the year 1869, is an ensemble tale involving a quest, a search for revenge and a coming of age story, wrapped in simple, straightforward prose that captures the beautiful but hard-bitten life of a still raw frontier land.

Dahlia Does Design with Dahlia Woods: Happy home, happy life, happy holidays

With the holidays ​upon us​,​ it​‘​s a good time to step back, ​take a ​few ​deep breaths​ and look at all the positives. As family,​ ​children and friends arrive,​ this moment of reflection will change the dynamics of your house.

Make a list of all your holiday projects, from ​A to Z.​

A.​ Decorating

B.​ Meals 

C.​ Gifts

D. Wrapping

Enlist help from everyone involved​ in each project. You can accomplish a lot ​more with less ​stress when each person has a designated task.

Decorating the House

Answers to Go with Susan Smith: High blood pressure

Susan Smith- Columnist

Q:  My mom told me that she may have high blood pressure.  However, she was told it might be “white coat hypertension.”  What is that?   How can I keep from developing high blood pressure myself?

A: Let’s start with basic information on blood pressure from our copy of “The Johns Hopkins White Papers” which includes material on hypertension (high blood pressure.)

“Blood does not flow through the circulatory system in a steady stream: instead, it is pushed through the blood vessels with every heartbeat.  

Blue October’s “Home” performance at The Marc sold out both nights they were scheduled to perform. DAILY RECORD PHOTOS BY DENISE CATHEY

Justin Furstenfeld sings “Into the Ocean” at Blue October’s show last weekend at The Marc. Blue October relocated to San Marcos in 1996 and recently released a new album titled “Home.” In honor of their new album, they ended their 2016 tour at their “home” in San Marcos. 


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