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 The Hays County Diabetes Coalition is offering the free series of Do Well, Be Well with Diabetes classes in March in San Marcos.

Diabetes classes offered: Free series kicks off March 21 at church in San Marcos

Individuals with type 2 diabetes are invited to participate in the upcoming Do Well, Be Well with Diabetes program.
 The Hays County Diabetes Coalition is offering the program.
Do Well, Be Well with Diabetes is an educational program to help people with type 2 diabetes learn the skills they need to understand and manage their diabetes, to reduce their risks for complications, and to attain their highest possible level of wellness.  
The program aims to help people control their diabetes rather than letting the disease control them.

World traveler and birding enthusiast Jesse Huth will be the guest speaker at the Feb. 15 Wimberley Birding Society meeting. (photo by the Wimberley Birding Society)

Birding adventures: Speaker will discuss recent trip to the Ukraine

Jesse Huth, Wimberley bird guide and poultry consultant, will be the featured speaker at the quarterly meeting of the Wimberley Birding Society.
The meeting is scheduled for Monday, Feb. 15 in the Wimberley Community Center.
Huth’s PowerPoint presentation will cover his recent birding trip to Ukraine and the Chernobyl radioactive exclusion zone.  
He will also tell about meeting  a Ukrainian Santa Claus.
Upcoming birding trips to Belize, Grand Manan Island and India will be discussed.

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by the Wimberley
Birding Society

Answers to go with Susan Smith: Librarians help locate book titles

Each week hundreds of people call or visit the San Marcos Public Library to find information. Answers To Go highlights recently received questions.  Please visit the library at 625 E. Hopkins St., call 393-8200 for information over the phone, or email us through our webpage at

Exploring Nature with Jerry Hall: Resplendent quetzal is a showy bird

The resplendent quetzal is a most unique and beautiful bird.  
It sports a scintillating red breast and a magnificent green-blue tail almost 26 inches long.  
To avoid damaging this splendid tail, the bird falls backward off its perch in order to fly.  
All this attention to preserving its beauty paid off in the bird being worshiped by ancient Mayan and Aztec people of Central America.  
Headdresses of rulers were made from quetzal plumes, plucked from live birds that were then released back into the wild.
Today, this bird is still held in high esteem.  

Eighteen-year-old Danielle Avinger-Russell of San Marcos is competing for the Miss Teen title.

Local young lady competing for Miss Teen title

San Marcos High School student Danielle Avinger-Russell, age 18, of was recently selected to participate in the 2016 Miss Teen pageant competition taking place on Sunday, February 21, 2016. Danielle learned of her acceptance into this year's competition when the pageant announced their selections following interviews in the local San Antonio area. Danielle submitted an application and participated in her interview session conducted by this year's San Antonio Pageant Coordinator.


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