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A Word about Recycling — May 17

Some items from a recent Resource Recycling eNewsletter pertaining to what some cities, states and other countries are doing in their recycling efforts.
New York City hopes to become a “zero waste” city. But to do this they have a long ways to go as a report shows their recycling rate in 2014 was only 15.4 percent.  
One of the steps they are taking is implementing a Save-As-You-Throw program. It would reward those who waste less and recycle more. It is believed this effort could reduce waste generation by as much as 30 percent.

Buying foods at the farmer’s market is a sure way to get organic goods and support the local economy. (Photo courtesy Creative Outlet)

Shopping organic on a budget

(StatePoint) Chances are you’ve already heard about the benefits of including certified USDA organic foods in your diet. However, you may have also heard that such choices are typically higher in cost.
“Eating right is in easier reach of Americans than ever before,” says Kate Geagan, America`s Green Nutritionist and expert consultant for Earth’s Best, the first organic baby food brand, in business for nearly 30 years. “Organic options are becoming more affordable and accessible thanks to many big retailers.”

Texas lawmakers vote to ban e-cigarette sales to minors

AUSTIN — E-cigarettes would be off-limits for Texas minors to purchase under a proposal that has cleared both chambers of the Texas Legislature.
The bill originated in the Senate and passed the House on Tuesday.
The upper chamber only needs to approve tweaks made to it in House committee to send the proposal to Gov. Greg Abbott. His signature is needed for it to become law.
The proposal bans sale of e-cigarettes to minors, and possession of the devices by youths under 18.


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