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Driftwood festival next weekend

The fifth annual Rolling Oaks Music festival will be on Saturday, May 9, noon – 11 p.m.. The festival will showcase the talents of local musicians and barbecue chefs to raise funds for the maintenance and operation of the Rolling Oaks Club.
The event will be held at the clubhouse, 950 Lonesome Trail, in Driftwood in the Rolling Oaks subdivision, seven miles east of Wimberley on FM 3237.
Food will be served from noon to 8 p.m., and tickets are available at the door or in advance.

‘Bootiful’ celebration in Wimberley next weekend

Wimberley’s public sculpture program known as “Bootiful Wimberley” is kicking off a celebration for the last eighteen boots to hit the streets.
Once the large fiberglass boots are installed, visitors will be able to see all 50 of the artistically painted and embellished boots.
When the first set of 32 boots were previewed to the public, more than 700 people came out to see them. Since then, thousands of visitors have wandered the streets of Wimberley visiting the boots and taking photographs.

Carnival to raise awareness for children’s mental illnesss

National Children’s Mental Health Awareness day celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. In observance of this celebration Scheib Community Mental Health Center of San Marcos, along with the professional staff of Hill Country MHDD Clinic and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) have scheduled activities for the week of May 4 – 6.
The purpose of Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day is to educate the public and make people aware that:
• One in five children have a mental illness but only 50 percent receive services on average.

Walkers’ Gallery call for art features walking

The Walkers’ Gallery is sending out a call for artistic interpretations of the theme “Celebrating Walking” for its May/June exhibit.   
A wide range of sub themes and approaches are encouraged —  first steps,  long walks, bird walks, dog walks,  peace walks, river walks, transformational walks, walking towards, walking away, and walking one’s talk are just a few of the many possibilities.  
The artwork will be collected Saturday, May 9, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  

A Word about Recycling — May 3

Again, a number of short items from around the nation as taken from the latest Resource Recycling eNewsletter.
In the city of Buffalo, New York, a public outreach campaign will be started to persuade more residents to recycle. It is called “34 and More.” Named as the campaign tries to get the recovery rate above the national average of 34.5 percent.
West to California, there we find a product stewardship program for paint now has more than 700 paint drop-off locations.  


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