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Life's Surprises with Gary Smith: Getting old not for sissies

Getting old is not for sissies. A friend told me his dad used to tell him that. He had no idea what his dad was talking about. Now he understands.
Another wrote, “Gary, I thought you might be interested in this old article about the BUFF.  It’s even older than you. Aloha and Happy New Year!”
A BUFF is a nickname for the B-52 bomber. The nickname stands for something like Big Ugly Fat Flyer. Flyer is not the actual word, but you will figure it out.

The entrance to the Perkins family's home on West San Antonio Street is adorned with a variety of plants that make for an appealing landscape. (photos by Sharon Lockett/Spring Lake Garden Club)

An abundance of plants create the enchanting landscape surrounding the Perkins residence.

White Mistflower grows in rock mulch of varied sizes, shapes an colors outside of the Perkins family's residence.


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