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The entry of the Mallard home features a pergola, edged planters and custom paving stones. The lovely home with its breathtaking landscape is located at 1109 Cheatham St. (photos by Sharon Lockett/Spring Lake Garden Club)

The front yard planting bed located at the base of an Oak tree sports a signature washtub planter with house number designed by the gardener's spouse, Jessica Mallard. The property has been selected by the Spring Lake Garden Club's March Yard of the Month.

Cottage Kitchen Luncheon: Rotary Club of San Marcos serving lunch today

The Rotary Club of San Marcos will serve lunch today from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Charles S. Cock House Museum. Rotarians' menu consists of King Ranch chicken, salad and dessert for $8. From left to right are Fay Cliett Gillham, Gary Tucker, Bob Mooney, John Ganard, Marion Johnson, Seth Worley and David Case. (photo by David Padilla)

Texas State University senior Ashley Pritchard serves as one of the directors of Bobcat Build in overseeing the group’s officers. She is enthusiastic about the mission of the community-oriented organization. (photos by Ashley Pritchard)

Touting 4,000 members, Bobcat Build is a student-led service organization dedicated to beautifying the community. Bobcat Build unites students from different organizations of the Texas State University campus to improve the lives of others. Bobcat Build is recruiting new students to join through Tuesday, March 8.

On March 26, Eikon Church will be organizing and hosting the largest egg hunt the San Marcos area has ever seen. (photo by

Church will host free 40,000 Easter Egg Helicopter Drop for the community

On March 26, Eikon Church will be organizing and hosting the largest egg hunt the San Marcos area has ever seen.

Sherlon Jackson-Veal is San Marcos’ signature “Pizza Lady.” Next Wednesday, the 51-year-old mother of two who has worked for H-E-B for close to six years, will attempt to best her personal record of 366 pizzas by selling a whopping 400 pizzas. The effective, enthusiastic and efficient saleswoman realizes she has her work cut out for her, but is faithful in her ability to exceed last year’s record. (photo by Lori Steindorf/San Marcos Daily Record)


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