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Answers To Go with Susan Smith: Kids' book focuses on roly-poly bugs

Each week hundreds of people call or visit the San Marcos Public Library to find information.  "Answers To Go" highlights recently received questions.  Please visit the library at 625 E. Hopkins St., call 512-393-8200 for information over the phone, or email us through our webpage at

Q. My son is fascinated with roly-poly bugs. He’d like to keep some in an aquarium. Will that work? What do they eat?

Spotting the elusive chimney swift takes patience

 Sometimes it takes a lot of patience to see birds.  

Take the case of the chimney swift tower located at the Patsy Glenn Refuge, a two-acre wildlife refuge in Wimberley.  

This tower was built in 2006 by the Wimberley Birding Society in hopes of attracting – what else – chimney swifts.

After about 10 years of waiting, many had given up on ever having birds in the chimney.  But one day they were finally spotted. Tom Toporowski, who helped build the chimney, was the person who saw them.  

Kristina Kelsey: My family misses spider

I have an intense fear of spiders. I fear them all: big ones, small ones, medium size ones; they’re all horrifying. 

I’m not concerned with being bitten, that’s not it at all. I don’t like their copious amount of legs, I find eight legs to be at least four too many. I don’t trust their wily and erratic intentions. They're sketchy and sometimes furry.

 Some of them jump and some of them run and some of them just sit and stare at you. Who can possibly find these behaviors endearing? 

Jessica Marie Villalpando and Victor Piñones Jr. 


Jessica Marie Villalpando, Victor Piñones Jr. to marry: Wedding date set for Aug. 27 in San Marcos

Jessica Marie Villalpando and Victor Piñones Jr. announce their wedding set for August 27, 2016. 

Villalpando’s parents are Vangie Castillo of San Marcos and Ruben Villalpando of Maxwell. 

Villalpando is a graduate of San Marcos High School and graduated from Texas State University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in family and child development. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in school psychology at Texas State University.

Piñones’ parents are Mr. and Mrs. Victor Piñones Sr. of San Marcos.

In addition to learning about a variety of gardening topics, participants also take field trips to interesting locations to broaden their knowledge.

Become a Master Gardener: The deadline to submit applications for Hays County program is Aug. 22

If you’re a gardening enthusiast and have been mulling the prospect of becoming a Hays County Master Gardener, then the opportunity will soon present itself.

The deadline to submit applications is Aug. 22 or when the class maximum of 35 is reached. 

The cost to participate is $200 if paid before Sept. 1 and $225 if paid on or after Sept. 1. Applicants must pay in full by Sept. 10, the first day of classes.

According to Hays County Master Gardener Marilyn Love, the Texas Master Gardener Association is gearing up to offer classes in the fall.


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