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Totem poles in the Pacific Northwest often featured ravens. (photo by Jerry Hall)

Exploring Nature with Jerry Hall: Bird mythology

People have been watching birds, and drawing them, from mankind’s earliest days.  
A rock painting in Australia depicts a giant bird which is thought to have become extinct 40,000 years ago.
A cave in France, dating back some 30,000 years, contains the carving of an owl in soft rock near the entrance.
Native American myth and art feature the thunderbird, a supernatural bird based on the eagle or vulture. This magic mega-bird was considered the messenger of the Great Spirit. 

Acclaimed husband and wife musicians Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis are performing at Susanna’s Kitchen in Wimberley on Thursday, Nov. 19. (publicity photo)

Susanna's Kitchen hosting 'The Bruce and Kelly Show'

AUSTIN — If Austin’s happily egalitarian music scene suddenly switched to a monarchy, Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis might have to learn to perform while balancing hefty crowns.
Already reigning as one of Americana music’s coolest couples, their latest release, “Our Year,” elevates them closer to the lofty territory once occupied by beloved royals Johnny ‘n’ June and George ‘n’ Tammy.


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