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Drive less and breathe easier

SAN ANTONIO (AP) — New three-year readings show the San Antonio metropolitan area ground-level ozone to be second — narrowly — only to Dallas-Fort Worth in Texas. This is a wake-up call that San Antonio needs to speed up measures to bring the city into compliance with attainment standards. But it’s also a wake-up call for residents to take matters into their own hands. A region found to be in nonattainment could face higher costs for operating its businesses.

The library’s Summer Reading Program is not just for kids. Programs at the San Marcos Library just got “taste-tea” for adults and teens. Here, Emily Bradford pours healthy herbal brews for Tiffany and Germaine Al-Anzi to try. (Photo courtesy SMPL)

Natasha Schimelman, Aidan and Peyson Rackley and Ivy Lochman make do-it-yourself putty by dissolving huge bags of Styrofoam into a tiny container of acetone. (Photo courtesy SMPL)

Carol Ly pushes a shrinking balloon into liquid nitrogen as Scott Bronstead-Lowry and children, plugging their ears, watch with anticipation. (Photo courtesy SMPL)

Stephen Doerr presents the 2015 RSVP Children’s Literacy Award to Pam Turner. (Photo submitted by RSVP)

RSVP banquet honors Central Texas volunteers

Each year volunteers are honored for their wonderful services performed in South Central Texas at the annual RSVP Recognition Banquet. This year was the 41st annual and the event was held at the Seguin Coliseum in Guadalupe County. About 200 of RSVPs 750 active volunteers from all four counties attended the event. RSVP takes this opportunity to say “thanks” to its dedicated members.   

(Photo courtesy Creative Outlet)

Trips with Pets: Dining out with dogs

Pets are family and when we venture out, they should be able to join us. That includes bringing them to pet friendly restaurants. Although pets are not allowed inside establishments that serve food due to health code laws, many restaurants have pet friendly outdoor seating and welcome four-legged guests to accompany their pet parents.
However, there are a few tips that pet parents should heed before and during dining with their pups to ensure an enjoyable dining experience.


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