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Food for the eyes, ears, soul: Last chance to see Still Life with Iris this weekend

Photo caption: Stephen Fleming, Jeron Tucker, Stewart McGregor, Jonathan Tucker and Nina Bryant performing Still Life with Iris at the Gaslight-Baker Theater. (Photo by David Schneider)

Co-directors David Schneider and Ellen Massey introduce you to a fantasy written by award-winning playwright, Steven Dietz. Still Life with Iris is the story of a young girl, played by Clara Francis and Maddison Welvaert, who lives in the land of Nocturna where each night the denizens are hard at work creating all the things the rest of the world sees during the day.

The people of Nocturna have their memories tied to the beautiful past coats they wear. If the Nocturnians tear their coats or lose a button, they lose part of their memory.

Click here to see the full story in our e-Edition.

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