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This recipe is a fun one to do with friends and family around. And it can be modified with whatever toppings you feel like adding to it. Everyone loves tacos!These veggies can be a side dish or part of a larger dish that incorporates chicken, shrimp or whatever you desire.Salads are easy to make because you don’t necessarily need all the exact ingredients to put something together. If you don’t have spinach, you can use romaine or arugula. If you don’t have chicken you can use lunch meat or smoked salmon (you know, if you have some spare salmon lying around). This is a combination of my most favorite ingredients.

Candice's Kitchen: Summertime traditions

Features Editor

There are certain food traditions that come with the season, and for summer, those traditions come with eating well. I buy a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, yogurt and cook with lean meats and fish. Why not take advantage of the seasonal produce? Why not use it to make ourselves live a little bit better?
I’ve make these recipes often (mostly in the summer) because they are easy and flavorful. Many of these ingredients are versatile and useful for a variety of concoctions. I use strawberries in place of tomatoes on my sandwiches, in my morning yogurt and in this first recipe, as a sweet addition to my spinach salads.
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