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Candice's Kitchen: Trying new things


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I set a bad example in some ways. I consistently try to encourage my parents to try new foods and shake up their bland diet, but they’re not into it. My dad is a finicky eater and my mom doesn’t like to cook. They do simple things like chicken and bean quesadillas or spaghetti or Hamburger Helper. So the most exciting their meals get is going out to Chili’s.
It was because of their narrow food preferences that I lived a food-sheltered childhood. I used to be picky and afraid to try new things because they were.
Since, I’ve moved out and my boyfriend Steven has since made me into the food entrepreneur I am today and enjoy a whole world of foods I never knew existed. I now consider myself somewhat knowledgable of the food and cooking world.
But, I’ve seemed to have fallen into the same trap lately with the food I cook, limiting myself to only what I know and not what I haven’t tried.
In response to this revelation, I’ve been cooking up some items that I haven’t much experience with and taking some of the old and spicing them up with new flavors.
Here are the (few) successful creations I discovered this past weekend.


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