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Green chile in cuisine — any cuisine


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Perhaps it seems obvious to some, but different places always have a different take on cultural cuisine. Take Texas for example. Our Mexican food is “Tex Mex.” In New Mexico, our Mexican food is really New Mexican food. It’s got a culinary niche of its own and mixes traditional Mexican with local food culture.
Of course, in New Mexico, our local food culture comes from Native American, Spanish  and Mexican influences and, you guessed it, chile. Green chile is not commonly used in Mexico and is not part of their “Mexican food” to some New Mexican’s disbelief. It is so ingrained in our “Mexican” food, that it only seems natural that it is used in Mexico.
And though we mostly use green chile in our “Mexican” cuisine, it makes it’s way into other common, if not unusual, dishes.
Many fast food places, including McDonalds and Whataburger, have green chile cheeseburgers. It’s common to be able to order green chile on pizza or sandwiches. We have unusual things we put it in like, as one of my friends recently told me, green chile chocolate chip pancakes. We put it in spaghetti, roast beef, pulled pork, grilled cheese, alfredo, scrambled eggs, martinis and even brew it in beer. I enlisted the help from some friends to tell me everything they put it in; the least helpful, yet most true response is “Everything!”


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