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Open-face green chile turkey burgers. Simple, yet mouthwatering. Be sure to toast your sandwich to melt the cheese into the green chile. Mmm.
Brookshire Brother’s Produce Managers Ernest Preuss and Mike Staacke pose by the roasting green chiles at Brookshire Brother’s parking lot.
Ernest Preuss holds a bag open to “Catch the Hatch” as Mike Staacke releases the green chiles from the roasting cage.

Green Chile Palooza: Cooking with roasted green chiles


Features Editor


I went to Brookshire Brothers this past weekend to see some green chile roasting action. The sight seemed so extraordinarily out of place for me, but tasting the samples Brookshire Brothers handed out made me really realize how much I missed that taste. The feeling in my stomach was so pleasant like a bite of the most soothing comfort food, and it immediately craved more.
I may have casually strolled by the sample booth a couple more times.
A box of chiles were loaded into the roasting cage and turned for a couple minutes while the burners turned them from a bright green to almost charred black.
My boyfriend and I bought several bags with which we’ve been cooking up a storm. The chiles, though they lack the spice that they do in New Mexico, still have the same delicious taste and add something to our food that nothing else can.


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