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Kent Black poses next to his new indoor Kent Blacks’ BBQ sign at the new San Marcos location.
One of Black’s three 17-foot pits, not fully constructed and ready to make delectable BBQ. Not yet, at least.
A new sign inside Kent Black’s BBQ advertising Black’s Giant Beef Ribs.

Kent Black’s BBQ coming to San Marcos

Kent Black has a secret recipe, but he’s not sharing.
“I do (have a secret recipe), but none that I could tell you about,” he tells me at Kent Black’s BBQ’s new location on Grove. “We’ve got secrets. Trademark stuff.”
The place is still partially a dusty old warehouse that was used to store cotton, but is transforming into a first-rate BBQ joint. There’s rustic painted aluminum art on the walls, a new 17-foot pit inside, an indoor-outdoor patio beaming sunlight into one of the main seating areas and a new deck and handicap accessible walkway in the back.


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