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Medema concert and The Great Carousel Escape

Ken Medema blind-from-birth concert pianist who has performed for crowds sizing from 50,000 to 50 all over the world, will be in concert next Sunday evening Sept. 15 @ 6 p.m. here in San Marcos. Three churches Christ the Redeemer Church, St. Marks Episcopal, and First Baptist are jointly hosting this grand community-wide concert which will be held at First Baptist Church here in San Marcos.

One of the remarkable things that Ken does in his interactive concerts complete with his wonderful sense of humor, piano mastery, composing magic, storytelling, dancing with the crowd, celebratory approach to life and to such evenings is to take an object and to touch it and to feel it and study it thoroughly to hear the objects story and to listen to the owner of an object tell of the items story. While feeling and studying the object quietly, Ken is all the while composing in his mind and on the spot a complete and original song just about that object and its owners own story as told through that object.

Kens blindness gives him insight into a world of hearing and feeling and touching of objects that escape the rest of us who have our own sight. Our sight limits us. Kens blindness expands his vision.

One of the objects from a San Marcos home that Ken is going to compose a song about at the San Marcos concert is a statue from the home of Lisa and Jim Bob Spencer. The statue is entitled The Great Carousel Escape and is a statue of a clown with his hand on the head of a carousel horse.

Recently on a Sunday evening Lisa and Jim Bob Spencer of San Marcos hosted a Swim Party and Catered dinner for our church at their lovely home. About 50 of us gathered for dinner catered by Constable David Peterson and a swim and a tour of the Spencer house.

Their house is filled with bronze sculpture done by Lisas mother Libba. Jim Bob has a studio where he designs and creates his beautiful pieces of pottery which fill their house and yard. We got a tour of their home and a history of the art in their house. Libba was commissioned to do a bronze piece for the National Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Her final bronze piece in life was created and done by her as she neared 80. It is entitled The Great Carousel Escape. It is a sculpture of a clown with his hand on the head of a carousel horse. Libba called her daughter Lisa late in life and asked Lisa if she every felt like getting off the carousel called Life. To just get off and rest a while. Libba was tired.

Lisa said, I do miss her (my mother) so much. Her name is Libba. IS because she lives through her paintings and her sculptures. The piece is called The Great Carousel Escape.

Libba said: At times life is like a carousel. Sometimes feel like you are just going round and round. Sometimes you get tired and would like to get off and just rest a while. Then you may want to get back on the Carousel. To Libba, the clown is leading the Carousel Horse off the Carouselto rest. She was 79 when she sculpted this final piece. Enjoy lifeNow!! Lisa.

Some tickets (donation of $10) for you and your friends to see and enjoy the evening with Ken Medema are available at First Baptist Church at (512) 392-3377. The public is invited and tickets are limited as the church only holds 600 people. So get your ticket today! Got off your own carousel horse called life for 90-minutes and come to the Ken Medema Concert!

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