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 J.D. Stahr, quotations manager at Philips, explains to a group of children how a house receives power and the relevancy of the model house they’re working with and where they’ll need to place their batteries and wires to get energy flowing efficiently.
Keziah Myers (left) and Joe Myers (right) work together to insulate their batteries in order to properly give power to their light bulb.
Leah Boisserain (left) and Keziah Myers (right) successfully getting their battery to power their small light that will go on their house model. They get to use pliers and other tools to safely connect wires and get power flowing to the rest of the lights.

4-H, Philips kick off science-based pilot program

Christopher Salinas - Daily Record reporter

Hays, Travis and Guadalupe 4-H programs partnered with the Philips Corporation to host The Magic of Electricity yesterday in an effort to teach young children the basics of science in electricity and how to power a light bulb.
4-H is a national organization helping to educate and develop young people through programs and different activities. Cory Talley, 4-H extension agent for youth development in Travis County, said the organization sees itself as a community of young people learning leadership, citizenship and life skills.

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