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Theater students from SMHS acts as injured victims, testing the trained CERT members on their skills.

SMHS students train for disaster


San Marcos High School
On April 24, students at San Marcos High School participated in a CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) training that tested their knowledge on the unit.
Students were expected to wear a safety reflector vest, goggles, cloth gloves, a helmet and were required to have a flashlight. Each student was given a scenario of a natural disaster and a role such as doing first-aid or helping with the mission by attempting to communicate with the injured. The students who portrayed the "victims" were students from the SMHS theater department, disguised as innocent victims. The victims portrayed being physically injured, such as having broken limbs, burns and breathing difficulties; this gave the first responders an idea of a realistic situation so they could see how to deal with the situation.
"This activity was so students could realize that they had the power and ability to help during a disaster so they could learn techniques to keep people safe and maybe save lives," Public Safety and Security teacher Cathy Dowling said. "I am very proud of the people that went in there and did their best and learned that these techniques are beneficial."
By the end of the exercise, students confessed that the activity was life changing, "It made me realize that this actually does happen and it was very scary because I have never been put in this situation," Joslyn Goodloe, a sophomore at SMHS said. "I would recommend CERT to people who would actually want to go out of their way to help others."

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