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Dahlia Does Design: Old linens: Re-purposing family heirlooms

Q: Dahlia, can you recommend ways to use family linens passed down to younger generations?  So many times we inherit tablecloths and bedding from our grandmothers, moms and aunts but they don’t go with the latest décor, current colors or patterns.  So, Dahlia, please suggest ways to re-purpose a legacy of hand-me-downs to use in our homes.  

 --Renee G.

Preserve history, protect river

Kelley Smoot Garrett - Guest Columnist

In the November 18, 2016 edition of the Daily Record, there was a front-page article, “Capes Dam debate stirs a storm on social media,” which described the debate between San Marcos City Council Member Melissa Derrick (wants to remove Capes Dam) and local businessman Brian Olson (wants to preserve & restore Capes Dam). The article quotes council member Derrick:

Why ‘deplorables’ elected Trump

Tom Purcell- Synidicated Columnist

“They still don’t get what the Trump win was all about. All those people protesting and calling their fellow citizens racists, sexists and xenophobes don’t have a clue why Hillary really lost.”

“It’s a bit silly to protest nearly 60 million Americans who exercised their constitutional right by voting for a candidate the protesters opposed. The fact is, there are dozens of sound reasons why millions voted for Trump.”


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