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Stop profiting from river

Dear Editor,


It seems that there are three main reactions to the beautiful sacred waters of the San Marcos River. Some people love the river and want to preserve it for future generations. Some people just want to use the river for their own pleasure now. And some people want to exploit our natural resource for their own economic gain.

Often people in the last two categories will pretend to be in the first.

If we really want to “Save OUR River,” then we need to stop individuals from profiting financially from it.


Thank you,

Why can’t Quanah Parker’s house be saved?

Michael Shannon - Syndicated Columnist

It’s not every day you can lean on the dining room table that once belonged to the Comanche’s last war chief, Quanah Parker, and wonder if your feet are going to crash through the floorboards.

The table that once hosted Teddy Roosevelt and Geronimo is now surrounded by a house that’s collapsing due to lack of funds and lack of will power.

Back to school in San Marcos

From its early days educating teachers in Old Main as Southwest Texas State Teachers College, San Marcos is recognized as a center for educational excellence. How inspiring this week for me to see all those who make San Marcos public schools a success. The High School Performing Arts Center was full of enthusiasm as we kicked off the new school year. Good parents can give their children roots and wings, but it is our schools that enable our children to reach higher and achieve more. An important foundation for our future is being built right here in San Marcos. 



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