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Who’s Responsible for the Moral Decline?

Susan Stamper Brown/Columnist A recent Gallup poll, “Moral Acceptability: Changes Over Time,” shows Americans made a startling move to the left over the past 15 years. A blanket blaming of the church is the easy answer, but today, where black and white has faded into varying shades of gray, we are better served going back to where it began because we didn’t get where we are today overnight. 

Working to ensure prompt federal aid

Lloyd Doggett

U.S. Representative Emergency preparedness and quick action by the City of San Marcos, local first responders, and good Samaritans saved lives last weekend.  Courageous responders were working until the last possible minute to ensure those in danger were evacuated safely. Due to their commitment, the impact we see now in San Marcos is primarily material, though we have a long road of recovery ahead.


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