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Trump’s message resonated unheard

Publisher’s Note: Prior to Nov. 8, I was one of millions who gave Donald Trump zero chance of being elected president. It seemed to me he had alienated so many people based on their heritage or their religion that I just didn’t believe he could win.

About two weeks prior to the election, Russell Wilde told me he thought Trump would win, and he cited the Brexit vote in England, which also shocked the experts. Russell believed the same thing would happen with Trump.

It’s morning in America

Susan C. Hanson - Guest Columnist

I awoke this morning feeling a little detached from my body. Then, driving into town for an appointment, I felt even more disoriented every time I heard the newscaster refer to “President Trump.” I expected that to be followed with the mention of a game show scheduled to appear on one of my local networks soon. But no. 

Good for Becerra, not so much for Record


Good for Ruben Becerra and his strong showing in the mayor’s race. His runoff opponent has attained the dubious status of “career politician,”something that may make sense on the national and state scene but not at the city level. City Council members and the mayor represent the citizens of the city and a variety of citizens should serve in these positions, not the same old characters term after term. Staggered terms and a permanent city staff provide adequate continuity. If someone serves too long integrity often suffers.  

Arkansas voted overwhelmingly for Trump


Yes, and these are the people who know the Clintons the best. Liberals who continue to look for negative excuses for Trump winning, e.g., the voters are bigots, the electoral college is uneducated, they are trailer park flunkies, etc., etc., miss the real reason people voted for Trump.

If you want a simple answer to why the electoral college and so many people voted for Trump, it’s because he’s a better choice than the Clinton dynasty and in particular, Hillary Clinton.

I would have loved to vote for a woman to be our next President, but not THAT woman!!! 


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