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We can’t withstand four years of a liar in chief

Michael Reagan - Syndicated Columnist

The stunt Ted Cruz pulled at the GOP convention in Cleveland Wednesday night may someday become known as his “Mistake on the Lake.”

By making a point to not endorse Donald Trump in his speech and telling people to vote their “conscience” in the fall Cruz did his own political future and his conservative principles no favors.

He merely made himself look like a political brat and made a few million new enemies in the Republican Party who are unlikely to forgive him when 2020 comes around.

New definition of the bully pulpit

Christine Flowers - Syndicated Columnist

As Heidi Cruz left Cleveland’s Quicken Loans arena after her husband Ted gave his stemwinder at the Republican National Convention, she was escorted by security through a hostile crowd. Apparently, people in the audience were annoyed that Cruz hadn’t endorsed Donald “I Call Him Lyin’ Ted” Trump. They couldn’t believe that the Texan actually gave his national audience permission to vote their conscience. They were in shock he didn’t bring gold, frankincense and myrrh with him to the podium as a gift.

The racist history of cinema in San Marcos

Jordan Buckley - Letter to the Editor | 

Simply put, the early history of cinema in our town is marked by a steady tradition of white San Marcans gathering together to mock and devalue Black people – and sometimes worse, as a means to galvanize support for the Ku Klux Klan.

Clint Hopkins opened the Old Grand Opera House, on the corner of LBJ and Hutchinson Street, in 1915; two years later it would expand to become the first bonafide movie theatre in San Marcos. 

Politics is no longer about freedom

Ruben Gutierrez - Letter to the Editor | 


There was a time in my life that “Politics” was a passion, but, not anymore. Politics has become lately nothing more than voting for a King or Queen. And to make matters worst, the King delegates his power to the “Jacks”, or that is to say ... , to the “Knaves,” who deal unscrupplously with many dishonest merchants and bankers who could care less for America or its Laws, or its Freedom and Soveriegnty; or for that matter, for the People. 


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