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Looking into the real facts of H-E-B


As someone that was on the fence about the proposed building of the additional H-E-B, I have gained a much better understanding of the real facts. 

Facts make it clear that we could not ask for a better, more responsible business to be located on Hunter and Wonder World. 

The proposed H-E-B will NOT be built in the updated 100 - year FEMA flood plain established from the 2015 storm event.

Letter was a political hit piece



I’m writing in response to a letter published this past Sunday from Mike McClabb, who claimed to be my former landlord, among other falsehoods. As candidate for Mayor of San Marcos, I am well aware that my People First platform presents a threat to the crony structure, and that there will be many untruths spoken about me. Mr. McClabb’s attempts to harm my reputation are transparently political, given his outrageous misstatements and omissions. Let me set the record straight.

Our Viewpoint: H-E-B is a partner we can trust

Don Moore - Daily Record Publisher

H-E-B would like to build a new store in San Marcos. A new H-E-B is usually greeted with open arms, and the Record believes the majority of the residents in San Marcos feel this one should be, too. Bring it on.

On Thursday night, H-E-B held a community meeting inviting San Marcos residents to come listen to the plan and make suggestions about how the grocery giant might build a better store.



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