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Elitism colors debate over future of dam

As for the 2nd half of Wassenich’s OpEd piece - saying that IF Wassenich’s & Hardy’s theory, presented as a statement, turns out to be all wrong  - “Deep pools will remain, according to the model run by Dr. Hardy and other scientists” - we need not concern ourselves!  If the theory doesn’t pan out exactly as predicted we can have all have the recreational opportunities we need in Spring Lake, Wassenich writes.

Honoring our service members

U.S. Rep. Lloyd Doggett

Shortly after election day, we will commemorate Veterans Day, solemnly acknowledging the sacrifice of those who make our democracy possible. In San Marcos on Saturday, November 5, I will speak briefly, honoring our veterans downtown just prior to participating in the Veterans Day Parade.

Don’t believe me, check the facts

Kelley Smoot Garrett

Dianne Wassenich’s Oct 23, 2016 opinion piece in the San Marcos Daily Record about removing Capes (sic) Dam misstates most facts and figures that are either omitted or are incorrectly stated in the official permits and Information Sheets that the city of San Marcos has filed with TCEQ, TPWD, USFWS - state and federal organizations with oversight of dams. 


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