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A push for fair chance hiring

Jordan Buckley
A diverse alliance of concerned citizens — ranging from local ministers to campus activists to San Martians directly impacted by incarceration — have steadily gathered support for a new anti-discrimination ordinance called Fair Chance Hiring.
The effort is inspired by a resolution passed this spring by the City Council in Austin on a vote of 8-2. The policy — also called “Banning the Box” — shifts background checks to the end of the hiring process, encouraging candidates’ initial consideration based on their merits.

Pearl Harbor: The 75th Anniversary

Danny Tyree - Syndicated columnist
When I was a preschooler, I lived across the road from Rufus Foster. I still attend church with his widow.
One of many memorable things about Mr. Foster was that, as a 19-year-old from the hills of Tennessee, he was at Pearl Harbor during the Japanese sneak attack.
December 7 marks three-quarters of a century since that attack, and I have to wonder if we truly remember the lessons of the tragedy.


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