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Show proper respect to the flag

On, April 22, 2015 I stopped by United States post office in San Marcos, TX where I notice that the United States Flag that they were flying was ripped and torn.  According to the Flag Code subsection 176 entitled Respect for the flag, paragraph (k) states : The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning.

McGlothlin is the right choice

John McGlothlin is good for San Marcos. As a product of SMCISD, he knows first hand how the students of San Marcos can thrive in adulthood. John is a man of integrity, vision, values, care, and persistence. His presence in the San Marcos community continually makes a positive impact on those around him, and he provides an example of what the students of SMCISD can aspire to.

Gonzales for District 1

I have been on the board for a year and have learned what it means to represent the students and people of my district and San Marcos. I believe that I am the best candidate for District One. My family and I have lived in the district since 1994, unlike my opponent whose residency has been in question during this election. I know what it is like to pay school taxes, have children graduate from SMCISD, serve on local boards/committees and work with many of you in the community. My management position allows me to see the large picture with budgets, staff and long-term goals.

Vote Ponce for SMCISD

Dear Editor
Early voting has come to a close. Turn out at the poles has not been as high as we would have liked but you still have a chance to cast your vote and make a difference on Saturday May 9th.
Its been a while since we have had such an interest in the “at large” positions on the school board.
I encourage everyone to come out and vote for myself JESSE PONCE. I have served on the Board in the past and I am a life long resident of San Marcos. I care about the needs of our District.


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