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New city consultant a cruel joke

The hiring by the city of another parking consultant, as reported in the main headline article of Wednesday’s paper, is a cruel joke. 
By allowing a 30 percent reduction in the number of off-street parking places required for the Carson Monstrosity, the city has created a situation where in excess of 100 of the 622 off-street parking spaces available downtown will be taken up on a mostly full-time basis by students attending classes during the day. 

Wake up, San Marcos

Wake up San Marcos Residents before it’s too late!
Next year will mark Cape’s Dam’s 150th Birthday (built 1867). It was determined “eligible” for the National Register of Historic Places for its significance to commerce and engineering by the National Park Service in 1985. It was the first industrial activity in Hays County and could be lost forever if we sit by and do nothing.



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