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Court’s Voter ID ruling a victory for all Texas voters

Dear Editor:


As Unitarian Universalists, one of the Principles of our faith is “To affirm and promote the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large.” In that regard, we were delighted when, on July 20, the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the Texas photo ID law as discriminatory and in violation the Federal Voting Rights Act. 

Why we should keep Cape’s Dam

My wife Evelyn and I own and operate T G Canoes and Kayaks and have done so for the last 31 years. We are probably the oldest outfitter selling and renting canoes and kayaks in the State of Texas. We are in our 31st year of putting boy scouts, girl scouts, church groups, families, and individuals on the wonderful San Marcos River. T G Canoes and Kayaks also has a business concession with the city of San Marcos for put-ins and take-outs within the city limits. The left channel of Thompson’s Island is used for these purposes.  

Float Fest and respect for the river

Zach Haflin - Eyes of the San Marcos River

The Eyes of the San Marcos River is a river activist group that was created in 2014 in response to the many issues related to the rapid increasing of traffic on the river and land use issues in the watershed.  The group was started by three Texas State University Alumni and now includes over 2,600 members on their Facebook page.  The following is a post regarding Float Festival 2016 on the San Marcos River in Martindale.

Campus carry law becomes official on dark anniversary

Dave McNeely - The Facts/Clute Texas

It was ironic the Texas Legislature chose Aug. 1 for Campus Carry to become law.

That’s the 50th anniversary of the day Charles Whitman went up on the University of Texas tower and started firing, killing 14 and wounding 32.

Campus Carry is the moniker that’s been applied to the Legislature’s legal insistence that licensed handgun owners can carry weapons not just on campuses, but into office buildings.

A 102-year-old’s view of Hillary’s historic moment

John Micek - Syndicated Columnist

PHILADELPHIA -- If there was any doubt as to the massive symbolic significance of Hillary Clinton winning the Democratic nomination for president, one need only look at the face of Jerry Emmett.

Emmett, who is 102, was born before American women won the right to vote.

On Tuesday night in the Wells Fargo Center, the honorary member of Arizona’s delegation to the Democratic National Convention pledged her home state’s votes to Clinton.



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