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We must save Cape’s Dam


I had been lightly following the discussion on the removal of Cape’s Dam on the San Marcos River until recently, when I decided to look in detail at both sides of the argument. I now understand the debt the San Marcos River community owes to Ben Kvanli and Brian Olson for their relentless pursuit of truth on this issue. We must save Cape’s Dam.

Save mill race and waterfall


The city of San Marcos has requested a permit from the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) to destroy Cape’s Dam and use the material to block and fill the Mill Race channel of the San Marcos River. The flow in this ¼ mile stretch of water holds a population of federally protected Fountain Darter fish, and feeds a most beautiful waterfall and swimming hole that I have known and loved for more than 50 years. 

 If the city moves ahead with their plan, this gorgeous and historical place, formed more than 150 years ago, will be irretrievably lost!

We can’t withstand four years of a liar in chief

Michael Reagan - Syndicated Columnist

The stunt Ted Cruz pulled at the GOP convention in Cleveland Wednesday night may someday become known as his “Mistake on the Lake.”

By making a point to not endorse Donald Trump in his speech and telling people to vote their “conscience” in the fall Cruz did his own political future and his conservative principles no favors.

He merely made himself look like a political brat and made a few million new enemies in the Republican Party who are unlikely to forgive him when 2020 comes around.


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