Do you think the city should crack down harder on illegal dumping in this area by increasing patrols and ticketing, or adding cameras?

For over a decade college students illegally dumping furniture and other household items during move-out season on the curbs and island of Sagewood Trail has been an issue for the city of San Marcos.

According to City Marshal and Director of Neighborhood Services Jeff Caldwell, residents moving out of houses and apartments leave items out all over the city, but the concentration of junk is higher on Sagewood Circle because of the higher density of students living in houses.

The dumping of objects like mattresses can block drainage and worsen flooding, and a lot of debris can end up being washed into the river. And of course, cleaning up such large messes costs the city – and therefore taxpayers – money. According to Caldwell, the city spends between $20,000 and $30,000 a year just doing hotspot cleanups and cleanups are much more costly for the city when the debris is in bad condition than if it is arranged to be picked up by the city's trash provider, Texas Disposal Systems.

The city can't issue citations for illegal dumping if they cannot find identifying information on any of the illegally dumped items. Commenters on social media have asked the San Marcos Police Department to crack down on illegal dumpers by installing cameras and increasing patrols and ticketing for the offense.

Yes, it costs taxpayers extra money to clean up and is a nuisance.
80% (66 votes)
No, cameras would be an invasion of privacy in the neighborhood.
20% (16 votes)
Total votes: 82

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