Do you think the commission should allow the preferred scenario amendment?

A preferred scenario amendment to allow a nearly 7-acre development on Peques Street, off of Sessom, went before the Planning and Zoning Commission Tuesday night.

Doucet and Associates requested a zoning change for the 6.73 acres from Single Family (SF-6), which is meant to allow single-family detached houses with minimum lot sizes of 6,000 square feet, to T5 SmartCode, which accommodates higher density mixed-use developments including retail, offices, rowhouses and apartments.

According to the packet from Austin-based student housing developer Core Spaces, the highintensity development would be a five-story building with 703 beds and hundreds of parking spaces.

According to the city, it would be the only high-intensity development in the area. Commissioners expressed concern with the already dense traffic along Sessom and the potential environmental effects of the project – noting that construction would involve a lot of grading and disruption to the hillside and laying more concrete could cause more runoff from that development.

No, the area presents too many potential traffic, environmental and neighborhood issues.
82% (105 votes)
Yes, it would add more housing to the area.
18% (23 votes)
Total votes: 128


Didn't we fight this fight already?

This development on Peques Street would allow hundreds of students to live within walking distance of the University. Zoning to T5 would ultimately be the best decision for the city and for the Texas State. The traffic on Sessom would also only be slightly affected since many of these students would choose to walk or bike.

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