Do you think the commission's decision to deny the expansion is the right decision for that neighborhood?

The San Marcos Planning and Zoning Commission voted to deny a request to expand the Hopkins Street and Lindsey-Rogers historic districts Tuesday night, after an hour-long public comments session.

Thirty-five parcels were to be included in the expansion, but of those that would have been added to the Lindsey-Rogers district, only one – the property where the old Lamar school campus stands – is considered “contributing,” or of historical value. The Coronal Institute, a private coeducational school founded in 1868, once stood on the site of the old Lamar campus. Then the property was sold to the United Methodist Church, then to the San Marcos school district. The public high school that was built on those grounds is thought to be one of the first high schools, if not the first high school, in the state to desegregate.

Advocates of expanding the historic districts brought up the fragility of established neighborhoods and the need for development that complements those neighborhoods, such as the Belvin Street Historic District. They also advocated for the historical significance of the Lamar campus.

Those against the expansion said the historic districts should be extended based on the density of historical properties and the need to preserve, not the desire to thwart development in the area. The commission voted to deny the historic districts’ expansion and recommends no zoning changes in the proposed area take place until a new historic survey is done.

No, the Lamar campus is historically significant enough to justify the expansion.
46% (22 votes)
Yes, it seems like they are trying to stop development instead of preserve historic properties.
23% (11 votes)
No, designating a property as historic does not prevent development, it only restricts the aesthetics of the development.
17% (8 votes)
Yes, none of the buildings within the expansion are architecturally significant and do not contribute to the historic districts.
15% (7 votes)
Total votes: 48

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