Do you think limiting tents and grills, as well as removing the requirement of a verbal warning before an alcohol citation can be issued, will help make city parks safer and healthier?

City Council approved, on the first of two readings, park ordinances that would amend current city park rules. The amendments would effectively remove the requirement of a verbal warning before a citation could be given for an alcohol violation at city parks, prohibit charcoal grills and limit pop-up tents and propane grills only at city installed picnic tables, no longer allowing them between the trail and river. The ordinance amendments are in response to overcrowding, litter issues and safety concerns at city parks.


Yes, alcohol, litter and overcrowding issues should be addressed in our city parks.
40% (68 votes)
No, city parks are for public use and should not be so strictly regulated.
32% (55 votes)
Yes, allowing picnic setups in only designated areas will relieve congestion around the rivers and banks making it safe.
22% (38 votes)
No, I don't think we have problems with litter, overcrowding or safety at our parks.
6% (10 votes)
Total votes: 171


Born and raised in San Marcos, I feel we should have designated areas for grills and tents. However, I Do not feel doing this will help with safety. An issue I am seeing when spending the day by the falls is people not understanding the danger of the river. I've seen as young as 5 yr olds alone on a tube going down the water fall alone and flipping over struggling for help and it's us, the locals having to save them. I've literally sat for an afternoon and seen four different people, different ages go down the falls, flip, and yell for help. Talk about a bad afternoon. There should be large signs about the dangers the river holds. That should be the focus.

I think this is a move by the wealthy in sm that are appalled by how ppl enjoying an inexpensve weekend in a public park-pergaps we simply need to increase the grills an access areas especially on the ignored east side? Or maybe we dont want to consider that?

The parks need red metal boxes next to the blue and black ones for hot coals. Don't stop grilling, ad a safe place to dispose hot coals. Don't need to restrict park use, city council needs to open up the parks that are close to relieve over crowding. Open the closed parks and stop over governing the river.

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