Should the San Marcos River adopt a W.O.R.D.?

Last month, Senator Judith Zaffirini, D-Laredo, filed legislation that would allow the creation of a Water-Oriented Recreational District, or WORD for a two-mile stretch of the San Marcos River south of town. Zaffirini argues that the WORD, governed by a seven person board, would exist to protect an area of the river that is usually unmonitored from bad behavior, such as drinking in excess and littering. Others believe the area does not need governing and the tubing companies should be responsible for monitoring it.

We need a WORD.
62% (159 votes)
We do not need a word, the tubing outfitters can control the issues.
20% (51 votes)
We should turn the area into a protected state park.
18% (45 votes)
Total votes: 255


It's an insult that local officials would even consider letting the outfitters operate an armed private security force on public land and other people's private land. The outfitters can't even figure out how to get trash bags affixed to all the inner tubes. I'm not taking any orders from the FAKE TUBER-POLICE!!! We need regular on-duty officers keeping the river safe, which the WORD will provide.

Ditto! It's a conflict of interest when the outfitters are paying the police directly.

It's official, Terry Alford (Three Dudes Winery owner) has sold his soul and is starting his own tubing business. If you care about the river, boycott Three Dudes Winery!

Adopt a word

The San Marcos river should be protected by every means possible. It is sacred!

It is possible to protect the environment and the river as a resource, while encouraging city growth with private industry growth if goal focused thought and planning with purpose can rule the approach to inevitable growth

Please pass WORD and save lives/property and the beautiful San Marcos river!

More options please.

Which options would you like made available?


The Outfitter hired police are nothing more than high priced mall cops. They do not write tickets, they do not enforce the laws. Until we have true law enforcement ON THE RIVER the destruction will continue. Pass the WORD.

Thank you Senator Zaffirini!

Don't let the fox guard the hen house. Pass the WORD.

Seems like the counties can enter a sensible agreement with the outfitters without creating yet another government entity.

Why not encourage an arrangement between the outfitters and existing law enforcement instead of creating yet another government entity?

yall do realize that the tubing outfitters have agreed to pay the for Real Police Officers out of their pockets already right? This only imposes more rules and would make the clean up come out of the taxpayers pockets instead of the tubing outfitter.

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