Who do you think the new elementary school should be named after?

The San Marcos CISD board has three names to consider for its new elementary school. 

A committee selected by the trustees chose Velia R. Cavazos, Dr. Carlos Rodriguez and Soila Rodriguez as potential honorees. The board will make a final decision on the school name at its regular meeting in May.

Rodney van Oudekerke, chair of the committee who selected the names, said when the committee met on April 4 to look through applications sent in by the public with suggestions for names, there were 127 applications to look through. Among those 127 applications, 18 names were submitted. He said the committee looked at every single application. 

The final three names were selected based on the individuals’ qualifications and the district’s criteria. 

The school should be named after someone else.
84% (450 votes)
Dr. Carlos Rodriguez
8% (41 votes)
Soila Rodriguez
5% (26 votes)
Velia R. Cavazos
3% (18 votes)
Total votes: 534


Thomas Cuevas name for school

School should be named after Thomas Cuevas

School should be named after Tomas Cuevas

The discrimination that Dr. Rodriguez had experienced in the school system here in San Marcos, gave him a strong resolve to provide opportunities for bilingual teachers to educate the many students who could benefit from dual language instruction.
He was totally committed to ensure all students attending San Marcos schools would have an equal opportunity to excel academically.

Dr. Rodriguez was very committed to ensuring all students would have an equal opportunity to succeed academically. He fervently believed that attaining an education was the key to becoming a successful, productive member of society.

Mr. Cuevas has always been a person to help support or donate to the SMCISD, students, and the student organizations or fundraisers. He helped by donating fruits so we could sell, or to eat like at Project Graduation. Organizations knew they could count on him with that graceful smile and that Heart of Jobe. He has always been humble and a thank you was never needed. He just smiled that Mr. Cuevas smile, waved and nodded yes. His memory should live on and what better way than a school. We depended on him and now it's our turn to speak for him. I believe in my heart that he deserves it more than anyone. #voteTC#hefedourchildren#helpedraisemoney#speakinhishonor

Mr. Tomas Cuevas Jr.

Tommy Cuevas

Mr Cuevas gave so much to his Community by helping out in alot of Benefits other School functions etc. It would be an honor to name this school after him to carry on his name for all he did out of the goodness of his heart to San Marcos Residents and Businesses.There is very very few people out there that would give just as a kind gester. He was always willing to help never hesitated a very giving individual.Let's give back to the Cuevas Family for all their kindness and help throughout the years. Praying in his favor

As a graduate of San Marcos High School, 4 year cheerleader and 1st female pole vaulter for San Marcos High School that still currently holds the record, I'd like to ask that you reconsider naming the new elementary school after Tomas Cuevas Jr. He may not have met the districts qualifications or the criteria. However, he definitely meets the criteria of the people and the community. Mr. Cuevas helped many people and their families when in need or just as a kind gesture. We purchased our produce from there to supply the track team for the track meets. He was so involved in the community and played a significant role in the lives of many young children to their adult years. It would be an honor to name the elementary in his memory as he is truly a role model to the community. Understanding who he was and how he was able to receive such honor, would help encourage others who may not meet certain criteria that being an honest, devoted, kind individual to others can also land you in positions to make a difference in the world. Thank you.

Tommy Cuevas he did so much the community of San Marcos! Not once did he ever hesitate to help when called upon! It is well deserve to be named after him!

Tomas Cuevas

I was born and raised in San Marcos. I vote that the school should be named after Tomas Cuevas . He was a pillar in the community. Mr Cuevas was always willing to help anyone in need. When I was a teenager I had my maternal grandmother, and two uncle's pass within a year and Mr Cuevas brought fruits and vegetables everytime. He always welcomed you with a warm smile. He fed the homeless.
In my opinion there is no one that deserves this honor more than Mr. Tomas Cuevas. He was an asset to this community. And he is dearly missed.

Thomas Cuevas

The school should be named Thomas Cuevas Jr.

Tomas Cuevas

Mr. Tomas Cuevas

Thomas Cuevas

I've never heard of these people they are wanting to name the school after. Who are Velia R. Cavazos, Dr. Carlos Rodriguez and Soila Rodriguez and what have they done for the schools?

Tomas Cuevas was our neighbor and friend. When my twin brother died unexpectedly, he showed up at my parent’s home with a huge basket of fruit and his condolences. When my mother died, once again, he brought fruit and visited quietly with my dad. Last, but, not least, when my dad died, he came by with his fruit and condolences. Those gestures of kindness and love go further than any degrees, phd’s or social/economic status ever will. Naming the school after him is a accolade that we should bestow in his honor and to his memory.

Named after officer Copeland is a great idea

I agree! I think the school should be named after Officer Kenneth Copeland as well! He loved the youth of SM and he had a passion for fitness, both things the youth of SM need! In a world of video gamers, be a Ken Copeland and get out there and exercise to be a healthier you!

The three persons named by the committee, as well as Mr. Cuevas, are all worthy. I knew all of them, but I knew my mom, Soila Rodriguez, best. She came from very humble circumstances to SM in the 1940's to go to college, where she met my dad, a SM native. She got her Bachelor and Master degree from SWT. She taught returning veterans at what is now Centro Cultural, then she and my dad went to South Texas to teach. She became a counselor at PSJA High School. They returned to SM when my dad got a job at Gary Job Corps. She was director of Upward Bound at SWT for two years, preparing first generation college-bound high school students. She then taught Spanish at SMHS, became Assistant Principal, then finished out her career as Principal for 10 years at Lamar School. She absolutely loved teaching, firmly believing that education opens doors. She was a fierce advocate for her teachers and promoted the first female, who also happened to be a Latina, to head custodian in the district. My mom was a feminist and minority champion because she absolutely believed women could do anything they set their mind to, no matter what their skin color. She was my motivator and spent her career spreading that message to the many young persons she met. Thank you to the committee for their work on this issue.

Tomas Cuevas

It should be named after Officer Copeland. He did more for San Marcos than any of these people.

I think they should name the new school thomas cuevas jr my grandfather and grandmother used to go and visit him chance they got and if they didnt have anymoney he would always let them charge and up until the day my g parents passed he would always pay them a visit hes a man who would help the community. And now its time for the community. To give back to him and this would be the best way

He was a very respectful man. Always considerate. He donated his personal time and money to help anyone he could anywhere he went weather, if it was in San Marcos or wherever he traveled. He left an impression on anyone he spoke to he was a man to look up too. He might not have degrees or certifications of qualifications but he won the hearts and respect from our local San Marcos residents.

Mr. Tomas Cuevas

Thomas cuevas

Tomas Cuevas Jr.

Tomas Cuevas

Tomas Cuevas always helped the community.

T. Cuevas Jr

New school name Tomas Cuevas

No disrepect to the individuals selected, but the school will always be referred toTomas Cuevas Elementary by some. A very nice man that all one has to hear is Cuevas and everyone knows who you are speaking of.

Thomas Cuevas

Ken Copeland

It would be good to break away from naming a school after a person and instead name it in concert with the aspiration of the school----assuming it has one.

All three were pillars in our community; let’s find a way to incorporate all 3.

I was touched in my youth by all three; and I would state that all three left an impact in our educational experiences.

Should be named after Officer Ken Copeland. His dedication to the community, the people he served and to the Scouting programs are unmatched.

It should be named after Tommy Cuevas!!

Copeland or LBJ

Tommy Cuevas! Knew Tommy for 50 years. He was outstanding in his consistent treatment of all people with equal graciousness. It made no difference to him what someone's standing in the community was, whether wealthy or homeless. He respected all with equal consideration and generosity. A truly humble man who simply helped people. Some say, "It isn't the beginning of our life that is as important as how it ends." His life ended well as attested to by so many kind comments from people who knew him.

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